Apple recent crash

What are your thoughts on apples current lower price? Do you think theres a chance it can 2x or more in the future?

It has gone up almost 100% (100% last week) in just 6 months… I would hardly call a small pullback a “crash”.

They have yet to release iPhones in the coming months!!

They’re worth about 2 trillion dollars now. Can they become a 4 trillion dollar company? Maybe, but not any time soon in my opinion.

wow Gosh… it’s terrible… let’s sell everything!!! :money_with_wings:


There’s a lot of upside priced into this stock, but with the new health subscription, and Apple still expanding in India/China, there’s a lot of upside.

Their cash balance / war chest IIRC is approx 10% of its current valuation.

Right now, i would probably only top up in the <110 range so almost there, and again see a lot of potential to come.

I’ve got an iPhone 7, and waiting to see what the 12 is like to upgrade. My payments on my MacBook are also up, so contemplating a watch, but the 18 hours use would annoy me I think.

Every pull back is a buy opportunity for Apple. Long term with 5G iPhones coming, this is a no brainer IMO.