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Whats everyones thoughts on Apple stock lately? I purchased some a while ago and could have sold at a much higher peak, but historically their stock price has always done well 60+ days after an iPhone release so I’ve held on. Honestly I think this may not be the case this time round. The latest iPhone release was disappointing and sales this year I believe will be below average.

They smashed quarterly earnings without new products being available barring new iPads towards the end of the quarter. The next quarter earnings are going to be interesting.

Although the general perception is that innovation has slowed down, the revenues are still pouring in and year on year the company does incredibly well.

I believe less focus will be made on the hardware side of the business over the next decade, with software and services eventually accounting for a large percentage of revenue.

Apple’s One Plan has just launched and Fitness+ is about to go live, so there will literally be millions of additional people around the world giving Apple between 9.99 & 29.99 per month to access these subscription packages. There will be plenty out there that sub, even if personal views are that these subscriptions don’t have good value.

I can’t see Apple not succeeding in the long term.

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I agree Apple as a company will do well and their iPhones sales performance isn’t the be-all and end-all of the Stocks performance. However this September their stock peaked at its highest ever price and I’m wondering if its value and other companies as well is due a long term price correction, especially with Covid impacting the world.

I see CV19 being a positive for Apple. More iPads and macs being sold to general consumers and more demand from their corporate / government contracts. That’s if the work from home trend continues of course.

As long as they keep bringing in huge revenues each quarter and bringing out great products, their share price should still steadily rise year on year. I agree it has hit a peak point where we aren’t going to see huge increases, but in my opinion it’s still a solid, steady long term hold.

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People say this every year. What I find interesting is Apple have literally talked about you keeping your phone for longer. It was a keynote slide only a couple of years ago as well.

They put a top of the line professor in the SE2. Buy that and you’re not getting another phone for 6 years.

Yet people keep saying about low number of iPhone sales like it’s a surprise…

The real stat I think may be more important on hardware sales is new customers. Number of units doesn’t matter that much imo. New customers and services are where the money will build significantly because with the exception of the people who get a device every year or two years I expect people to hold their phones for longer and longer as Apple keep up their longevity of their devices.

Completely agree and it’s a very clever strategy from Apple. Their products are supported for a very long period of time in comparison to Android devices. I have a 6 year old iPad that is still getting the latest iPadOS updates! And shockingly Apple will still offer me £125 trade in for it if I wish to upgrade. It only cost ~£320 6 years ago! This example can be extended across their product ranges and ensures consumer confidence and more importantly for Apple, customer loyalty.

Software and services are going to be where the sales and high margins are going to be coming from in the future. How much do we think that Apple gets in licensing CarPlay to auto manufacturers for example. I personally believe the Fitness+ subscription model is going to be massive earner, especially in the current climate and I also believe this in itself will push watch and ATV sales.

It’s interesting, as it’s almost as if they are disrupting themselves and not allowing themselves to become stagnant in the marketplace.

I’m also expecting a couple of new product lines over the next few years. We shall see.

Currently bang on the 100 EMA daily.

RSI is below 40 so good to buy and hold. Very safe bet for the next couple of decades.

Who knows if we’ll see it break 100. :thinking:

I’ll jump in if it’s taken down near the 200 EMA. 90 ish where it should probably be.

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Strange, as the wording “one more thing” at Apple keynotes is usually only uttered towards the end of an event to introduce a brand new big product line or something big (barring Steve Jobs initial uses in the 90’s / early 2000’s) i.e when they introduced iTunes, iPod, FaceTime, Apple Watch etc. I think the last time it was mentioned by Tim was when they ran through the iPhone 8 section of the show, which underwhelmed, with the illusion that was it to end the show… followed by the “one more thing” line to introduce the iPhone X.

The change to Apple silicon surely can’t be it for this line to be used. Unless this is a fundamental change that will change the company? This line is kind of iconic for followers of the Apple keynotes / Apple fanboys.

Could we be hit with a big surprise next week towards the end of the show after the Apple Silicon info is presented…

You are quick to jump to a conclusion, the iPhone sales in the earnings did not reflect the iPhone 12, that’s 30 days after. We will see the impact next earnings report. Honestly Apple is cheap and I want to load up on more. The future roadmap has me very excited.


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more than 100 billions revenues :open_mouth: