APPL & TSLA up ~4% in pre-market

Since we can’t buy pre market, the pies will have to reinvest during regular hours at a higher price most probably.

I hope we can get extended hours trading soon - it’s already Q3 so I’m hoping soon we’ll hear something from the T212 team!

Also, would have been nice to see splits for fractionals also, fingers crossed for the future!

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Why not get some premarket action on CFD. If you’re confident they’re both gonna keep going up premarket, throw a couple of hundred on them.

I don’t use CFDs, but thank you for the feedback. I’m already long on them in my other broker(s).

It seems they have suspended trading CFD’s at the moment for Tesla & Apple.

Happens always with stock splits. Gives brokers worldwide time to replicate changes in stock prices.