Ability to add a Family Member as Nominee (one who will inherit investments) for the investing account in case of unfortunate passing of the investor

Trading212 should provide the ability to add a family member as Nominee who will have access to investors Trading212 account and assets in case of investors passing.

This is very important because whats the point of investing if your family cant use the investments after you ?

@Team212 Even useless services like Facebook allow you to add a nominee but why not an investment account ?


If you are asking for this to be a feature, you should have posted in the feature requests area. If you want to name a nominee for your account I am sure there is a process to do so if you contact T212 directly by email.


Sure updated to feature and ideas category

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Hi there.

This is from the Help FAQs.

And I was told in an email query that the account will be inherited by your children (or whoever you wish).