Common Family Fund

Hi, thanks for your hard work, do you have something like family fund where we could contribute together with my whole family? If not any chance that you would bring something like this for us?

Thank you very much for your reply

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Sounds really dicey on ownership of account and withdrawals. Doubt it can happen.

your best option is to just run the account under 1 name and use it on behalf of the family. it’s not like the whole family will be making investment choices anyways.

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Looks like a solution IB has implemented, or at least a similar feature (just to demonstrate it must have a lot of use cases) :

And in fact as you put money into Tradind212 it clearly says : confirm this is your money for your own investments… So I think we shouldn’t do as you said @Dao (if I understood what you suggested :sweat_smile:)

I think having a similar family and friends “adviser/manager” status like IB has, would be great on trading212, and there could be a “common fund” option as well as @Fulny suggested !

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