Ability to add a stock to a Watchlist from anywhere


There is nothing more time consuming than having to search for a stock just to be able to add it to a Watchlist, particularly when that stock is already displayed, adding insult to injury !

One should be able to add a stock to a Watchlist from anywhere : from a search, when it is showing in an expanded List/Watchlist, or when it is showing in detail form on the right. Same with the phone app, even more so with the phone app : it is quite frustrating displaying the details of a stock and then having to search for it again just to add it to a Watchlist.



I second this, not having the ability to quickly add a stock to a watchlist even though you are literally on the stock itself but having to search then add to watchlist is quite frustrating. Should be as standard.

I would also like this feature.

BTW the “Add to watchlist” button on the phone is not visible when you go to a stock detail from your portfolio… unless it is already on a watchlist!
The irony is strong with this one :slight_smile:

I would expect to get the watchlist button right besides the alert button, wherever it appears.

(And a auto-managed Portfolio-Watchlist would probably reduce the amount of time I spend managing watchlists)