Ability to add a stock to a Watchlist from anywhere


There is nothing more time consuming than having to search for a stock just to be able to add it to a Watchlist, particularly when that stock is already displayed, adding insult to injury !

One should be able to add a stock to a Watchlist from anywhere : from a search, when it is showing in an expanded List/Watchlist, or when it is showing in detail form on the right. Same with the phone app, even more so with the phone app : it is quite frustrating displaying the details of a stock and then having to search for it again just to add it to a Watchlist.



I second this, not having the ability to quickly add a stock to a watchlist even though you are literally on the stock itself but having to search then add to watchlist is quite frustrating. Should be as standard.

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I would also like this feature.

BTW the “Add to watchlist” button on the phone is not visible when you go to a stock detail from your portfolio… unless it is already on a watchlist!
The irony is strong with this one :slight_smile:

I would expect to get the watchlist button right besides the alert button, wherever it appears.

(And a auto-managed Portfolio-Watchlist would probably reduce the amount of time I spend managing watchlists)

Yes please, add/remove from watchlists should be on all stock “pages” - the web is what I use mostly, thanks

This has now been implemented. I’ve just checked the app and you can add any stock to a watchlist that is not already in one of your watchlists from anywhere/any screen in the app.

As to when this was introduced, no idea. It would be helpful if trading212 made better use of the patch notes on the Google play store to give us a better understanding of what the app update contains.

@ John1

Could you go into more details as to how you managed that, on both the app and online in a web browser ?

Doesn’t look like it can be done on the web.

+1 for the original suggestion.

100% agree with this, its so annoying when looking at a stock to have to go to a different page, search for the same stock just to add it to a list.

Agreed. On the website, there needs to be an add to watch list button on the bar next to buy and the graph tools.