'Add to List' Button

Hi team

The button that was on all instruments screens, that enabled us to add to various watchlists, has disappeared. Presume this is a known issue, but wondering if and when it is returning.

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@David @Martin @PeterA @George @Tony.V - can anyone advise where the button went and if its coming back?


Which platform?

I use android app.

When I use search section, go to stock, the add button is visible.

however if you go to watchlist section and open stock it won’t show the add button.

Invest, mate. I’m on Android too, but it seems to have reverted to the old way.

As you say it’s still visible so long as you search for the stock, but the guys did update a few months back to make it visible at all times (only in Invest) but now seems to have reverted.

Didn’t even notice it was added, but agree it is annoying to have to search stock again, as you cannot modify via watchlist section.

Currently, you’ll see the button in question when accessing a specific instrument via the watchlist if the instrument wasn’t added manually by far. Nonetheless, we took into account your feedback & we’ll make sure to adjust further logic.

Thanks @Tony.V - it was actually already there before. Used to be permanently fixed to the bottom right of an instrument screen in the Invest account; not just when using the search function. Now it’s vanished.

My question is more about where it’s gone in the last couple of weeks. Presumed it was taken down for refinement, eg. adding to ISA as well.

That’s correct - it was removed as a flow-optimization measure.

On the other hand - I believe that there is a slight confusion here - the button was only fixed for the default watchlists.

Thanks for the context.

It’s sorely missed so if there is any chance this can be brought back for Invest and introduced to ISA that would be fantastic.

Many thanks