ABQQ is sell only

Hi All,

Wondered if someone could confirm why ABQQ is sell only? Is it temporary or permanent?


This doesn’t appear to be sell only on mine (and it’s PSE) have you got a screenshot?

Here, think this should work.
Edit: This is also the case on the mobile app for me, not that it should make a difference

That’s weird as my app appears fine.

There’s a big thread atm that might be of interest however ABQQ is absolutely fine and with PSE status.

Screenshot 2021-02-19 at 15.10.49

@Rumen what’s happening here?

Thanks for your reply phildawson!

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I would also like to know what is going on with this stock? I understand ATVK, CBBT and GAXY. But what the hell is wrong with this security? It ticks all the boxes! @David

I’m just bumping here because there has been no reply, and this security is still limited to sell only.

The above might be the answer, however it’s missing the notice from the stock to say so? Can you clarify @David when you get a second? :upside_down_face: