Account Activity Statement emails

Hello, since September 23 I have received an email every day “Account Activity Statement” is this normal? Will I receive an email every day? thanks


Hey, @Egx :wave:

The Account Activity Statements were recently introduced, and they essentially are a combination of the Contract Notes and Daily Statements we used to send in the past.

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Hello, thank you for the explanations :slightly_smiling_face:


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Interest also falls under “Transaction”. Is this needed? I.e. this causes you to receive this email every day (including weekends) and it’s a giant PDF for a 2-line change…

It’s a regulatory requirement to send such documents. So, you can receive an email on weekends.

Hi, I have also recently noticed these emails. But only got 2 emails so far. It’s not working for all the scenario I think (at least for me).

We made some adjustments to the conditions that trigger an Activity Statement. Since the beginning of October, statements are sent only if a trade was executed on the previous day. I’ll edit @Momchil.G’s comment to avoid further confusion.