Statement of account holdings at a specific date


I am trying to pull out an account statement for my account as at the end of the 27th Nov but cant seem to pull it out of the system. I read that all i need to do is email but I have sent to messages to that mail and got nothing back. Any chance someone could help me get this info. Not sure what to do?

how long ago did you send the email?

Last Friday. I have also sent follow up emails and used the facility on the website

Is there any other way of getting that type of information from the website. Basically need the info today

It will take some days before you will get the email from them with the statement requested. It is not immediate. Maybe by the end of the week

You can only see the history of the account from the button in your account. But you can’t export a file, only see the data if you select the date

Hey pasquale do you know if there is any other way i can contact Trading212 to see if they can generate that for me today? Thanks for your help

You can try their office phone number. I believe is this one (+44) 20 3769 9897

Thanks pasquale. No one is picking up but i will keep trying.

You are very welcome. I hope you can sort this one out asap