Monthly statement for ISA/Invest - query

Question mostly aimed at the Trading212 staff:

Perhaps this is due to it being still early in the month, but I have not received a new monthly statement for my ISA, although I have received one for CFD a few days ago.

Just wondering if this has been missed or i’m being too impatient :smiley: lol


Was in the same situation for my invest account. Wrote to T212 yesterday, it took 3 messages to explain that I didn’t receive the monthly statement but at the end they sent the statement :sweat_smile:

I don’t know if there is a general problem regarding monthly statements.

My guess is my file attachment is too large lmao :smiley: :money_mouth_face:
It’s been a big month for buys lol. I imagine everyone is in the same boat.

:crossed_fingers: they send it through soon for my records.

@Team212 Any update on this? Nothing received this month.

Same here. Was also just waiting to see if it was just late or something.

I’m in exactly the same situation, and I’ve been chatting with @David about it. My ISA statements have always come through like clockwork, on the second day of the month. I’ve been receiving my contract statements, as per usual.

Faulty batch?

Have you received your monthly statement, @adm or @nickspacemonkey? I’m still waiting.

@MadeInAlmhult No still not yet. @AlexK sorry to bother you, @David was tagged but there’s been no response on this thread so far. Do you mind taking a look for us. Much appreciated, thanks.

Nope still waiting on it. Not sure why the delay this month.

Hi @Tony.V sorry to bother you, any chance you could look into this for us or chase it up. Alex and David don’t seem to have seen their tag.

I can see from our end that the statements were issued. However, it’s strange why you haven’t received them - we’ll investigate this further. In the meantime, our team will send you the statements - expect an email within a matter of minutes. :mailbox_with_mail:


I have the dailies coming through fine, just not the monthy come through for last month.

edit: Monthly came through after resending. Thanks.

I also haven’t received a monthly statement.
However, daily reports are working.

Thanks @Tony.V and @David, for sorting this out. I received my statement, shortly after Tony commented.

Much appreciated! :clap:t2:


I have not received my statement either and I have emailed support multiple times, I get back an automatic response about account verification (I’ve been trading on my ISA since April already).

This is really annoying because I HAVE TO submit a monthly statement to our compliance at my company or else they will force me to close the account.

Could someone please help? @Tony.V

@restless We found what was provoking the delayed sending of the statements & it’s fixed already. You won’t experience such issues during the upcoming months. Give me a moment, and we’ll send you the last monthly statement.

Thank you, I will let you know once I receive the email.

@Tony.V Thank you, I’ve received it now. I’ve just realised that nothing actually changed in the email (didn’t make trades in May), so I could have just used the exact same email for April’s statement.

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Hi @Tony.V. do you think you can send the last month statement here too? Thanks

@ovidiuovidiuovidiu Sure thing. :ok_hand:

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