Account value vs total


I am quite new to this trading business, but I have noticed my account value at the top of my cfd page is £600 different to the total amount at the bottom, is this due to having lost money with losing trades or what is it?

It’s probably just a little slow, refresh the page and it should match.

Thanks for coming back to me, but it has been this way all day not sure how it is worked out

When you refer to the account value at the top of the page, you mean when you click once on the down arrow on the right hand side of the CFD logo, right?

Are you using the desktop platform?

Im using the mobile app, the account value is the one where I tap the top and it shows the percentage bar and free cash and the total value is at the bottom, which does show the actual amount when I tally it up from my investments, the account value is less than the total

Oh sorry I thought you meant on the desktop. I’ll take a look at mine on the App and see if I have the same problem, gimme 5-10

Sorry bud, I can’t figure out what you mean. I’ve got the App open in front of me, at the top it has my account value, I click on it and it takes me to the percentage bar page where it repeats the same account value figure in a big circle in the centre of the page. Are you saying that these two figures on your phone show different amounts?

yeah, so I am in the pie chart part and at the top it is showing the account value, when i scroll to the bottom of that page just above the closed positions button it shows a different higher amount beside the total

Is the higher amount total in GREEN?

Yep both in green, the top is the part where you can tap down and it brings up the pie chart and shows the account value which is the lesser amount and the bottom part just seems to be the total of all the numbers in all the positions open put together.

Yeah so it sounds as if you are in net profit on your open trades, on my screen it says the name of the instruments going down a list and then at the bottom it says total and next to it in green it shows how much I am currently in profit on my positions.

That figure isn’t included in your account value column beacuse the trade is still open, if you closed out all your positions now, the account value sum would increade by £600

No, that’s not right

I just cross checked on the desktop and it does put open trade profits in account value, now I’m stuck

I can’t get the desktop to sync with the app, I’ll fire them across an email and see what they say, hopefully it is what you had said before, but I’ll hopefully hear back soon,

Thanks for trying though very much appreciated.

Sure, no problem but looking at the desktop and my app, the account value is the same and the open positions section on my app shows the current profits for the open trades but that amount is included in my account value total so it seems as if you are having a problem that I am not.

Sorry I couldn’t help out but do update us with their response if it was an issue with your settings or something so that others may know later.

Good luck

I will do, once I hear from them I’ll post a transcript on here.

Did you get a response on this, I have suffered the same problem