Query- Minor profit is being taken off my total account value - ✅ Solved

Good Afternoon from the UK,

I have a little bit of a problem, I’ve tried to see if anyone else has described the same issue but I’m going to explain it in my way as best as I can. I did email but was advised to come here.

During mid May I started using Trading 212 and deposited £100 and invested around £60 into the oil. I bought it at around 30.802. I have not touched it since and have been letting it do its thing, the account value and the profit made on the oil has been in sync. So if my original account value is 100 and the oil profit is 30, the total account value in that moment is 130.

Recently however, my account value seems to be almost £2 off from what it’s meant to be.

Hopefully if you can see the image I’ve attached below, my total account value was £200.72 when it should actually be £202.46 (it’s taking away £1.90 from total account value). Not too long ago it started taking away a couple of pence, then it’s just been taking more but have no idea why. I know it’s not much but I know other people who are doing the same as me who are not having this problem. Is there anyway to resolve this or is it just a glitch? I.e., if I eventually sell this off, will it give me the full profit.

Hope I’ve explained myself well, look forward to your replies. Thanks !

Well currency would impact 102 GBP , meaning profits, not the total account value. So if base was 100 GBP and 102 GBP profit it should be 202 GBP.

But maybe swap fees? Contract rollover? I am not expert in CFD, but doesn’t seem FX issue.

I think is the swap fee if he says he didn’t touch them since he bought it

Although its an American trade, it automatically does it into pounds and there was never an effect prior so weird its suddenly doing this now. As I say, I know someone doing the exact same thing as myself and they are not having this issue.

I’m pretty sure Trading 212 have no fees though which is why I am confused. Thank you for your suggestion though, appreciate it- was thinking too, maybe if I decide to close it, maybe it will give me back that extra bit.

Would you be able to explain the swap fee a little more please (or do you mean currency exchange?), I’m still pretty new at this sorry. It keeps changing and its so frustrating. I thought Trading 212 didn’t have any fees though, and as previously mentioned I know people in the UK doing this who are not having this problem at all. I was also wondering if it was to do with rolling over from May-June 2020? Thank you for your response.

Because you had a May contract I think it’s the combination of a Rollover and the long position swap( you can find the specific ammount in the instrument details tab)
here is the explanation of the rollover and you can find more information if you type in search

and here is the information abou tlong position swap

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Is it not the interest you’re paying on money “borrowed” as part of purchase. You have the leverage (1:10) because you put up 10% and borrow the other 90%. It’s only tiny, pence per day but it may have mounted up.

And the exchange rate plays a big part as well. I’ve got shares were they’re worth less in euros than I paid but I’m still making a £ profit because of the change in exchange rate.

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If you open Reports --> Interest, you may find the missing amount there.

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@Yasmin18 It’s due to the overnight interest, as @ovidiuovidiuovidiu & @CirensOC correctly pointed out.

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you very much for your help on this one, appreciate it, as I say, still learning! Have a good day!

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Appreciate the help thank you very much! Still all new for me but very good to know, only feeling confident on the oil at the moment but once I learn more I will explore.

I have indeed just found it there, thank you very much!

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