Total Value of all Accounts

Can we have a single number that shows the total value of your CFD, Invest & ISA accounts combined? Rather than having to switch between them and add it up yourself


I want the same, raised it up here a while back…


ive been requesting this for a while and ive seen several other people requesting the same. Its getting to a point where its really starting to bug me. With my previous broker it did this where it showed overall value of your invest and isa accounts from one page with gain and loss over them all. This is just stupid having to log into each one.

It just feels like such an obvious omission - surely the key number that any user will be most interested in is their total profit/loss?? The only exception I can think of is if you ONLY use one of the account types, in which case it’s obviously irrelevant. But how many users does that apply to?

Trader 787: I liked your post on that other thread. Do you know if there’s other things I should do to increase the visibility of this issue?

Adding Trader787’s concept image from that other thread as well, so it’s all in one place:


I think we have done all we can to make this visible. We need people to like. Comment. There was a thread recently and people voted on most wanted features and this wasn’t even on the list I think.