Add 3TYL WisdomTree Multi Asset Issuer PLC

This is a Wisdomtree Us Treasuries 10Y 3X Daily Leverage ETF stock. Essential and one of its kind isn’t present, but other ETFs from this company are listed!

This is a US etf, it cannot be traded in Europe. It has to be UCITS compliant.


This isn’t? Its domiciled in Ireland.

This may be where the confusion lies. Its an ETP not an ETF.

A lazy comparison would show UK/EU investors could buy it.

Its just a case if its listed on IB where the help thread would point you in the right direction to check.

Blockquote WisdomTree US Treasuries 10Y 3x Daily Leveraged is a fully collateralised, UCITS eligible Exchange Traded Product. The ETP provides three times the daily performance of the US Treasury Note 10Y Rolling Future index, which tracks front-month 10-Yr US Treasury Note futures, plus the interest revenue earned on the collateralised amount. 10-Yr US Treasury Note futures are traded on CBOT and deliver US government bonds with 6.5-10 years to maturity.

Also, it is listed on IBKR as a complex ETF with UCITS certification so should in theory be possible to get here. How would I go about requesting this?

Hope someone from 212 picks up this thread or ask @Joey_Fantana nicely to stick it in his daily IPO thread and see what happens :crossed_fingers:

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Nothing I can do just now fella, ETFs are off-limits unless one of @Oktay or @Marc45 's wares.


That’s being a bit biased is it not :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Nae comment, pal. :wink:


This is not an US listed ETF, but an EU listed ETP.
This ETP should be added to Trading212 as per request.

FYI, none of the ETP are UCITS compliant, so UCITS is not the criteria to be available for EU clients. Last, all Leveraged ETP are classified as complex product :wink:


How does Trading 212 typically process these requests?

Hope someone from 212 picks up this thread.

I too am eager as I am sure plenty of others are for this addition.

There is a huge backlog on ETFs requests (dozens of ETFs requests), almost since the beginning of 2021. Including mainstream and high AUM ETFs.

So you can take a nice relax period of time until this more exotic ETP could be added.


+1 from me. Has even more liquidity than 3GIL which is already on the platform. Can it please be fractional too, its vital for leveraged portfolio hedges which pies make so much easier to rebalance!

Usually Trading212 is very reactive to add new products/ETF.

Because I am working at GraniteShares and being in touch with many other brokers, I can tell you that request can take more than a year. Most of the time with brokers, it take minimum 3-4 month.

i.e. Saxo Bank opened a file to add new ETP of GraniteShares in Feb. 2021, and it is still “in process”.

The question is why ?
I asked :slight_smile:
1- it just take time to manually add the product on the system, downloas/upload KID on the platform, ensuring to get the right data feed/providers… etc…
2- it is a nighmare when issuer change their legal document because the broker need to update everything.
3- it is a cost, when a broker reach a level of thousands and thousands of product, at some point you need to extend you server capacity.

I disucssed with my colleague in GraniteShares USA, and the process in US is much easier because all data and KID are centralised by the regulators and brokers can get it automaticaly last data & updated document directly via API

I hope this will answer your questions :wink:
Be patient :slight_smile:

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There are also central depositories in Europe, including private companies with that special purpose of aggregating documentation (KID/KIID, prospect, etc). A couple of names came to mind in just a brief seconds as I write this. :wink:

I know too well, the regulatory costs in the world of finance & banking. It also have created some specialized FinTechs in that area, RegTechs. :wink:

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that’s good to know, thanks :slight_smile:

I do support the motion to make 3TYL fractional for pie’s usage.