Add alert for new stocks added

Are use able to add a feature where we get a notification when a new stock is added?


@David @Team212 @George Would love to get this up and running!


+1 from me too (plus a few more characters)


+1 already asked about this 100 times


Yeah let’s get it :smile: please

Even if it’s not an alert, even a filter for stocks by newest added

It would save an unholy amount of searching forums


i think that already exists. there is like a list of new stocks if you scroll your watchlists. just not ETFs though

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Not that that literally every stock that gets added we should have the choice to be notified

that would be too many notifications, but i agree in principle that there needs to be a way to keep track of new additions

Maybe but could filter it every 5 stocks or something or just let the user choose

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Definitely. And tbh they add, if we are lucky maybe 5 new stocks every few weeks. Honestly it’s pretty ridicolous compared with all the request and that they don’t have someone specifically taking care of that only.

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I know they should have some sort of mechanism that automatically sends it to system and they have requirements if it passes it then it gets added, could also add a second verification for specific stocks etc

ridiculous might be a bit too harsh. we need to remember they are fairly young in this space and they have seen an unimaginable amount of influx of new users due to covid 19. like any other business, they can’t just give everyone what they ask for. it’s like going to a party you were invited to and asking them to get a better sound system when the party is reaching its peak :stuck_out_tongue:

what they need to do is upscale their devops to make sure they have dedicated teams work on multiple priority areas. i’m afraid that at their current capacity they are focusing on autoinvest (their differentiator) and leaving the new additions (their base product) on the back burner when they should ideally go hand in hand for aggressive expansion.


Yeah second that, I’ve been promoting some useful features too, even though it’s manageable in the meantime. When the admins team grows it’s going to be a killer app :+1:

In the last month there have been changes, and it must be a lot of work, including any customer complaints that might arise, from what I see the admins are already very proactive


They can have a subscription model as well, in which they can charge customers 1.99€ (per month) and give them more bandwidth and speed to execute stocks buy/sell orders and give and have some premium features. Paying such a subscription amount can pay itself back if they can add the stocks quickly so we can make quick buck on them.

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+1 from me o this one