Please read and improve the platform

Hi team,

Could you please stop the following features:

  • I do not need to see any increase of decrease in a stock I dont own - if I dont buy it, I am not interested of having pop-up telling me whats going on on this stock/index
  • Stop sending me email which I irrelevant to me

Could you please improve those:
-sending a notification when the dividend is declared - take example on Interactive Brokers
-send me relevant notification on my stocks - take example on Interactive Brokers



I wish there were a way to opt out of community…
Can’t unsubscribe to all communities, there must be at least one, can’t ignore notifications, can’t remove the tab altogether :sob:


Hey, @Jeffrey_C :wave:

If you go to Account settings > Push notifications, you can opt out of receiving specific alerts and only keep the ones that you prefer.

In addition, you can also unsubscribe from receiving emails by following the instructions in this article.

:point_up: Feedback noted - I’ll pass it along for a review and I’ll keep you posted.

@Zergui - if you’ve enabled notifications for a certain chat room, you can disable them by clicking on the three dots on the top right-hand side of the screen.


I meant the notification bubble on the community tab. Although this time i’ve been able to leave the last community, so maybe it will be gone :person_shrugging:

I, too, don’t wanna know that “Robinhood (HOOD) has plummeted XX%, the lowest for the year”. It just gets in the way of my dividend notifications


It would be good if we can edit the Top Winners/Top Losers to not show ETFs.
I find myself using WeBull and other apps to get info on what stocks are doing as the 3x, 2x ETFs take over


@Zergui How did you avoid having to leave at least one selected?
If I deselect all and try and close out, I just get the unkillable ‘What are your interests?’ wobbling like crazy at the top.

I agree about the volatility notifications that simply cannot be turned off, even when you’ve turned them off already via Push > News.

Can we please be able to opt out of Social > Feed altogether?
Can we please have a working option to kill the volatility alerts?

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Yeah I was getting the same, but upon trying yesterday (I had only one community joined) I just used the three dot menu > leave community and just like that, I was out.
No annoying menu, but instead, the feed is filled with all the communities; at least I don’t get the new post notification bubble anymore.


By the time we recieve these messages it’s often too late to act on them. Combine these ‘old news’ alerts with others we get then they become a distraction - noise. If they were on the pulse, different story but there should at least be an opt-out.

This has also been discussed before so I was surpised when they were began again recently.


I don’t mind the notifications about shart price movements, but the top Winners/Losers should be revised. It’s not “fair” that the leveraged etfs are not leaving enough slots for regular stocks.


Agree it’s a minor thing, but I didn’t ask for these notifications so would prefer they didn’t pop up on the app for me to click on to clear. I hold neither.

I mean i think it’s right there though.

(edit: just turned it off so I wouldn’t to able to confirm wether it is or not)

(Edit2: these last couple are actually labeled “High volatility”, so that would be the corresponding setting!)

You can switch all those off but the ‘High volatility’ alerts will persist.
That’s what’s irritating.


As Phil said. I dont care about things I dont hold. The High Volatility things still fire even though I have them switched off. Might try the old switch on/off again.

Its more of a niggle than anything else tbh.

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I think these settings are for Push notifications only, you’ll still get the message in the “Notifications” section, but your phone won’t notify you.