Add new SPAC - CLA

Add new SPAC CLA. Cant find it in ISA… hurry before we lose the leverage with the news


@David @Martin @PeterA @Tony.V

Lidar Start up Ouster inc to Combine With SPAC, Colonnade Acquisition Corp. (CLA)

Common stock already available for trade.


its not there in ISA

@ [diachikku].
Yep sad. With SPAC pay time is matter. Thay have been making a rally +37.20% and we just become a spectator… We need to keep making the Trading 212 aware of and ask the Trading212 team to add it.

@David @Martin @PeterA @Tony.V
Please ADD

I would like this too


Pls have this added asap

Please can you add this SPAC on. Time is critical with SPACs, it becomes useless when the price is gone up to high. I think the best is to add all the SPACS on so that people can buy even before target if the decide to do so.


The board is impressive and well connected in silicon valley. The timing of this is great and the product is for all scale of machines drones to vehicles and bigger still. Please introduce it to NEW ON TRADING 212

This has been asked by a few of us since five days ago in here

Normally Trading212 reponse is quite good but this time for some reason Trading212 has not responded yet.

@Team212 missed adding this IPO post from the other day highlighting that Common Shares were now available. I would imagine Joey will include in the next post once markets are open again.

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Yep I’ll be reminding tomorrow.


Hey guys any developments on CLA SPAC would be a great addition.

It’s been added, have a wee search for it! :+1:

Happy trading! :beers:

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Please add CLA to the platform

Please look at the above post @ell0070, it’s already there! :tipping_hand_man:

Can you please add CLA colonade acquisition corporation many thanks. Asap if you can that would be great

Please try to use the search facilities within the mobile app, and read the posts on the forum; if you look a few posts further up, then you’ll see that CLA is available on both Invest & ISA.

Closing this thread as Colonnade Acquisition (CLA) is already available within the Trading 212 platform.