Please add all SPACS. There seems to be a lot of these mergers recently and the stock has usually peaked by the time someone has requested one on here and it has been added. Thanks!



I’m kinda interested too in seeing more SPAC added.



Thanks for adding them by the way

5 new SPACs were added just this week.

Do a search of ‘new IPO’ and check the topics - these are being added when they launch currently.

T212 also added Landcadia yesterday due to high, intense demand.

I believe the only outstanding biggie that anyone is interested in (until the next merger is announced) at the minute is OPES (BurgerFi merger).

But going forward all new SPACs are being added on their IPO day. I’ve even requested two more that launch TODAY;

Yep i understand that and have seen that GSAH was also added. I’m not talking about new IPO, I am talking about ones that were formed a few years ago.

The LCA was a good addition because of demand but again too late as it was up 60% by the time it was added. another was SHLL which was up 200% by the time it was added.

There are many SPACS which need to be added BEFORE a merger i announced.

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And I suppose the challenge is knowing when a merger is going to be announced ahead of time. It’s not possible, so all requests by virtue of that fact are reactionary.

Meaning these requests fall into the same bucket as every other stock request that isn’t seeing a timely addition to the platform. I personally have about 3 or 4 that are yet to be added.

I wouldn’t be too upset about the missed opportunity of getting in at announcement date. Take NKLA as an example. That surged to about ~$20 at announcement but then surged even greater after the merger and is up now to around ~$60.

Best way to mitigate going forward is adding at IPO. That way when a merger is announced we’ve got the SPAC in our hands.

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yep good point, but with SPACS, if they just IPO i can’ imagine they will instantly announce a merger. I’d assume it would take a few years maybe to identify a target.
Thanks for keeping p with the IPO requests though as of course it’s good to have these onboard now.

which ones are you waiting on?

velocyc is another i missed out on as it;s not on the platform. that was up over 300% lol

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Yeah they typically get 24 months to acquire another company from IPO date. Waiting game.

When I add requests for SPACs I do look for any news on potential targets of that SPAC but usually tends to be restricted to the sector/s they are looking at. Which can be a good guide for some.

In terms of those I’m waiting on, apologies I did mean stocks that I’ve requested rather than SPACs.

Only SPAC I’m keen on is still just a rumour and that is the acquisition of AirBnB. I know @mcwilliams91 is keeping an eye on this one too and the last rumour was that FEAC were suggested to have an interest (available on 212) but don’t know if that rumour was ever validated.

Ach, for every one you miss there’ll be three more you’re primed and ready for. Best is yet to come. :wink:

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oh Airbnb going via a SPAC, rally? where did you hear this? I would have though they do the traditional IPO approach. why SPAC.

Yeh you’re right, there are plenty more. Just need to keep on top of the rumour mill haha

Also I didn’t know they only had 24 months. I think legacy acquisition (LGC) formed in 2016 but yet to announce a merger…

Possibly sought an extension or agreed a longer timeline from the outset.

In fact;

In terms of the AirBnB rumour, I must confess I heard it from @mcwilliams91, so perhaps he can shed some light.

hmmm maybe a good time to buy LGC then me thinks. Surely a merger announcement is imminent if they have only extended til nov 2020

with regards to AirbNB, i would be really surprised if they didn’t go the traditional IPO route

Further to the above, David has just confirmed today’s IPO requests have all been added.

Good turnaround. I’m hoping for the same tomorrow!

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Graf Industrial Corp is another one with announced merger

@Joey_Fantana Quick turnaround on the above is great but I think the GRAF was requested about 16 days ago but not added yet. would be good to get this one in

Hmm, think that was before I started tracking IPOs I’m afraid.

It came from an article or two I read over a while back. Desperately trying to find the bookmark. It’s been hinted at on Twitter as well.

Seemingly some large FEAC trades been happening today, and I note an article from the CEO on the subject of IPO, and hoping to get it done in 2020.

The two might be completely unrelated of course! :raised_hands:

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ahh I have been having a search but haven’t come across any articles that link the 2. AirBnB says they are not ruling out an IPO this year.

Where are you looking at the FEAC trades?

From what I could find it was AirBnB doing all the acquiring of other companies. IPO certainly seems to be the way to go for them.

Maybe FEAC will acquire postmates?

I saw the talk on Twitter of this today yeah. Need to wait and see! :slight_smile: