Add real US ETFs (QQQ, SPY, TQQQ,SQQQ) to invest, ISA

I know what you’re going to say. Due to regulations blah blah blah. Those regs are from the EU. Not the UK. Those regs are out of date in the UK. UK based brokers like T212 should come together and lobby the UK government and FCA etc and convince them to drop these regulations UK citizens.

These regs have no place in the UK.

Can we set up a petition to start the wheels rolling on this?

The UK versions of the US ETFs are dreadful and illiquid . Please don’t mention CFDs, I am aware of the CFD versions of US ETFs

I’m afraid the regulations still apply and brokers remain bound by them.

The ball is already rolling on giving UK investors greater access to US-listed ETFs. These things take years to change though.

Its so frustrating! Do you not think there is any chance of UK brokers lobbying the government, FCA about this situation, to encourage the removal of these EU regs. Maybe the FCA do not realise there is significant demand from retail for such things?

Pretty certain an MP is trying to push this through. Should be able to find them with some searching.

Thank you, I’ll look this up!

I suspect there will be very little chance.

The EU want EU investors to invest in EU products.
The UK want UK investors to invest in UK products.

You get the idea. It is all about keeping wealth / control and protection.

If the demand is there, then you generally will get variants for each market. If foreign funds were to become available, then they then have additional legal costs to market and so on. It is a lot more complicated than you think.

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UK Government has signalled its intent to allow investors here access to US ETFs. However, I’d imagine this is relatively far down the to-do list and it’s going to take years if it happens at all.

From the consultation linked above:

A key problem with the PRIIPs regulation is the impact on retail investor choice. Given the government’s commitment to fair and open capital markets, a key ambition in this area will be to continue improving choice of investment products for retail investors, particularly with respect to popular international investment products such as US-based ETFs.