New ETF sugestion (CHAT)

I’m looking forward to Invest on this brand new ETF.
The name is:
Roundhill Generative AI & Technology ETF (NYSEARCA CHAT).
Os it possível to add to the APP portfólio???

As a European broker, we can’t offer US ETFs that are not PRIIPS-compliant/UCITS certified, so we won’t be able to add this one.

Welcome to the Community, by the way :tada:


Thanks for the welcoming… And thanks for the quick response… It’s just a shame… ilI don’t have any other acounts in brockers APP… Probably got to Open One…

Love these weird little threats at the end.



EU regulations apply to all UK brockers.

The only ways around this I can think of…

  • you’re classified as a professional client;
  • a brocker makes the ETF available by mistake;
  • opening an account with an address outside the EU’s jurisdiction; or
  • buying a derivative such as a CFD.

Please note that making frivolous threats to your brocker ain’t one of them.


Its ‘Brokers’, but let them try.

@IvoPinto Bem-vindo, à nossa comunidade!

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