Add Ticker ARBKF

Hi can Ticker ARBKF be added to 212? The UK one is to slow at loading and unloading shares and OTC market is quicker



@ecnmcali Added. :white_check_mark:


I could see it yesterday, but it is not showing today. Can you please check ? Thank you.

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Same issue here. I had it on my watchlist and it disappeared now

@Jhus86 @Athanasios My apologies, we had to remove it as Interactive Brokers are unable to support stocks that are not DTC eligible.

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When this goes on the NASDAQ will it be listed on trading 212?

Argo [ARB] is good enough for me. Buy and hold multibagger ARB, no need to trade this gem :slight_smile:
after LSE closes you can check ARB price via

I’ve noticed we now have HIVE Blockchain available on Invest accounts.
Curious if Hut 8 will be added also in the near future ? or KR1 ?
Top crypto miners and blockchain tech companies will make us lots of $$$ / £££.
Thank you

Will hive be coming to the ISA accounts. I only trade in the ISA.

In just a few weeks Hive will join Nasdaq, just like Argo
And then they will be available on ISA.
I also trade mostly under ISA wrapper, but I had to put some money on HIVE via Invest account, cause I trust these crypto miners will make us a lot of £££ in 2021.

Totally agree with you. Cant wait for it to be in the ISA account.