Adding notes to the graph

I have just started investing in stocks and my money is going down and down thanks to Coronavirus (but I guess everything will be back to normal afterwards). But then I think it would be interesting to register this note on the graph about what’s happening in the world to justify such big devaluation… It would help for later personal analysis and decisions. (Please, if such feature is already available let me know how to do it, thanks!)

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Hi @victor, the drawings menu on the web app is a quite useful way of doing this (unfortunately not available on mobile)

If I wanted to annotate an event on the graph, I would use the vertical line tool in order to mark the exact point of time, and then write a memo on a label next to the vertical line:

P.S. Keep in mind that your drawings are saved as long as you keep the instrument tab open.


Wow, that’s awesome! Thank you for the explanation and the image. I should definitely take a look in the web version as well.