Can we have a notes section against holdings

Hi Trading212,
Can we have a notes section against each tikr (Holdings). This will help users to enter there personal notes


By the way, Is this feature already exists? am I missing something here …

Great idea, and I don’t think it exists already.

The mobile app allows you to add text to graphs already. I’m not sure if this is what you imagined, but here’s how to do it:

open an instrument of your choosing > expand the graph > click on “T” > choose where you want to position the block of text and click on “ok”.

I can see T stands for Templates and not text

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If there’s any feature available to add text, can you please upload a screenshot?

Yes you can add text to a chart but as soon as you close the chart it is forgotten so it isn’t much use as a way of keeping notes about a company

Sure thing, @ramu.chandran - I’m attaching a screenshot of where the option is located on both the web and mobile app.



If you’re referring to having a separate notes section on the side for each instrument, this is not a feature that we currently offer. However, I’ll pass your feedback to the team and keep you posted on the progress.

Once you add text to a chart, it remains there even after you exit the app. If this is not the case for you, please send me a DM so we can investigate what may be the cause of this.

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I will DM you but wanted to also respond here. The chart does not remember text or lines (or other annotations) if closed. To be clear - I am only using the web version not the mobile and if you click “advanced chart” the chart is opened (panel within the webpage) and you can annotate the chart including with text. If you close the panel (which could have tabs for many charts) then it will remember the annotations if you click the “advanced chart” button again. However, if you close that chart’s tab (with the x) all annotations are forgotten.

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Correct. This seems to be a nice feature but text is lost whenever the x is clicked. Also, it seems very fiddly to get the portfolio to show in advanced view. The watchlist does no problem and the text remains as long as you remember not to click the x, but what would really be good is some way to make notes about each individual stock, something that will stick no matter what until you delete it and something that is quick and easy to get to. I’m also only using the web version and that is the only version I really want to use.

This would still be great to see too.

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