Advise needed because am really new in this

Is there anyone to have some spare time and the will to gimme some lights as about pie and in general?

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I’d suggest starting at the top and working your way down.

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Hey what’s writing can . I can help

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I really appreciate your response this is totally new for me I’d appreciate few tips,ok not talking for a one to one training but just few main things…

Well i might mistaken but in general,it’s like btc n crypto in general right?

I mean,u choose what you fancy n then you buy accordingly,if price goes up u gain but if goes down u lose right?

If that’s correct what a catch would be?I mean to lose or go really bad?

There are fees to pay on transactions back n fourth?

If you have time n will plz do explain.

Thanks in advance on anyhow :pray:t2:

No it’s not crypto. In the invest and ISA platform you are buying stocks and ETFs. Yes they can go up and down and u can lose your capital. Make sure you diversify.

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Please really go educate yourself about investing before adding 1€ in anything, I know that it sounds boring and not so friendly, but this is not a game of picking bad vs good stocks, losing real money happens to the vast majority of investors.
There are good online materials for free, articles, books, youtube, etc.
Just stay far from anything “trading” related, CFD… you will regret deeply.


I agree with @laguiar the most costly thing you can do is just to throw money into the market without any knowledge what so ever, especially in CFD. For a beginner it is worth learning trading terms and investing strategies like dollar cost averaging as these will be a great help for you.

If you really feel the need to invest and don’t want to educated yourself beforehand then just stick to investing in Index Funds like the FTSE100 or the S&P500 as the are lower risk than individual stocks but still provide the opportunity to make some profit.


Avoid the mistake of putting money in the stock market before understanding things, and hey if you still decide to invest money (dont worry i did the same, dumb but it’s “normal”) just dont put anything big, were talking TINY amounts. And if u (like me once) cant resist the urge and fomo when being new, just remember to spend time on learning, it’ll help ya out


Best would be to spend 200hrs on Investopedia reading as much as you can, before investing/speculating with a single penny.

You’ll be unhappy in the short term, seeing all people you know make thousands and more.
In the long run, you’ll be thankful


And if you have savings and want to get started, start putting a part of your monthly savings into a S&P500 ETF rather than looking ARKK pie and thinking you’ll be a millionaire in 5yrs.


Wow…that was heavy!but I do appreciate your opinion!!I really do not joking…that’s why when I posted this I been referred to those with some spare time and will to enlighten n guide…of course if that possible always…I guess you all started somehow like this…can u suggest at least some specific place or articles or ytubers to follow??
:pray:t2: thanks

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Noted!if you could provide some sources like where can I find those you just mentioned it would be really helpful for me!!

Thanks buddy

Hahaa!!yea that where I’m standing at the moment,at the same shoes you were earlier,haven’t put money,just 50$ on one,to see the similarities with my Coinbase and btc and the rest of cryptos

Read everything on this website. EVERYTHING.

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This is a good start as well as the ones that @investor12321 have suggested on Investopedia.

In regards to YouTube videos there are thousands of channels out there, few of the guys on here have channels (Paul Briscoe, Cavan Hagan Investing and more) I have 1 video on stock terms if you search Richard Goddard on YouTube.


Appreciate 12321!
I just need the the right place where to look in order to educate my self at least with the basics

That’s awesome!
That’s what am talking and looking about.
Some leads to help me start studying and pass me some of the knowledge!
I really appreciate :pray:t2:

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