New to investing212

Im new to all this anyone out there give me a few words of advice. Ive done a lot of research on companies whilst I wait for my account to be verified.

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Best advice is don’t invest all your money at once feed it in slowly over a couple of months as you will make mistakes.
Look into funds as well as individual companies as this will be less volatile.

Use the pie option if you can and open an isa for the tax wrapper if your within the UK.


If you don’t want to waste a lot of time on stuff but still want your money to grow over time, just put it in VWRL or the accumulating version/EUR equivalents

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thank you, great advice.

how much would be a good amount to start depositing? £500 / £1000?
should I invest into lots of companies or just stick to a few?

What is this pie option you speak of? I have seen the pie charts you get in the app they look super useful

thank you

Best days to buy and sell? when is the best time to buy stock.

It all depends on your “free cash” and is very personal to you.
The pie option is choosing companies that you have researched and are happy investing in and then deciding on your percentages of each and set to either manually invest or auto invest with a frequent automatic deposit.

Let’s take £1000 as a starting point if you open a pie and choose 8 companies and then add on two funds like a world etf and a global energy or eV etf, simply set your percentages as 10% each and a monthly deposit of £100 your off to a great start.

You can add new pies at any time or change the current pie as you go (not recommended).
If you put this in an isa wrapper it will be tax free so this takes the pressure off a bit.

Best days don’t really apply to long term set and forget investors but if your feeling lucky the first 15 minutes on a Monday and the final minutes on a Friday are usually high volume.
Watching the news on your sector’s over the weekend can help with this but you have to be certain it’s going to drop or rise and this is very technical

okay, so I’m going to give you a more generalized answer to your questions as I don’t really know your personal situation and goals, time horizon etc.

Standard disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor, nor are most people on this forum. Don’t buy stocks/funds or anything just because some stranger on the internet told you too.

In general the more stocks the better, research has shown that only a very small percentage of stocks all responsible for almost all of the stock markets gains, so by owning everything you ensure that you own those stocks.

Stock picking has been proven to lead to lower returns of the long term. Research also has shown that the stock market has positive expected returns meaning that the more time you’re in the market (so not in cash) the better (they always say the best time to buy was yesterday the second-best time is now).

So, in short, my recommendation would be to get some low cost (<0.12% annual expense ratio) ETFs (funds which own a lot of stocks), but before you buy one of those funds please understand what they actually are. You might also like individual stocks and it might motivate you to learn more about investing or motivate you to stay invested and invest more, so you could add individual stocks as well but I would recommend you to have proper diversification there and understand what you invested in.

For learning:
Terms, formulas, basic and complex concepts:
Basic concepts:
Papers and research summaries:

Rookie Question here … as I’m new I started with small investments. This could apply to any share purchase but my example
was Palantir which I bought for £9 a share. It’s hovered at around £22 now for a while. While that was a nice jump in share price - is it worth buying more at £22 ? Since it may not grow much beyond £22 for example

That’s you to decide on. Is it worth the price it is today based on current earnings a your predicted future earnings. Nobody knows, it’s your choice. If we did know I’d bet my whole life on it

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It will only average your whole share values anyway so it won’t really be that noticeable.
If your happy to buy it and hold then do it but do your own dd first never accept anyone else’s.

I only really buy more shares on the way down to average down my buy price but if the stock is on a rally buying in can also work

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