New to investing. Please critique and help

Hi all

New to investing. Decided to invest in some etf pies and tech stock pies. Decided to split the initial investment 60:40 and looking to add around 200-300 a month in that ratio in the pies.

Can someone more knowledgeable then me please let me know if these are good selection, or should I change up my strategy. Have attached the investments I picked.

Looking at leaving it for minimum 10 years

Thank you

They’ll be more people a lot better than me to provide some comments.

But I would suggest is less tech and to consider some exposure to UK and Asia, probably in an ETF or Trust of some kind.

I would suggest that since you are new to investing, to maybe put 80-90% of your funds into a global equity fund, and leave to grow over time. Any FTSE All World index ETFs would do. VWRL is popular, but VWRP is the accumulation version. Think baby steps to dip your toes in.

Dabble with your 10-20% left. Ask yourself how you have picked your individual stock picks. Are they just companies you like, or have you done your own due diligence, and do they meet your investment ethos?

Similarly, do not put in any money that you are not happy to leave ‘sitting’ for a long time. Time in the market usually trumps all.

All the best, and good luck!


@Dougal1984 being one of the people I was referring too :joy:

I know ETFs may seem really boring at first but trust in them as they’ll give you some great exposure. You may or may not know but SMT will have some really growth orientated companies contained within.

You can find a list of the holdings as of September here Scottish Mortgage Interim Financial Report - September 2020

Good luck!

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@kappy1686 hi and welcome,

there are quite a few similar topics by new investors, and I’ll have to agree with @Jobloggs on this, and recommend buying one or two general ETFs and spend some time on educating oneself.

The pie you’ve posted can be summarised as “popular companies that made a lot of capital gains last year, and I fear missing out on this opportunity”

Thank you all for taking the time to respond and give me a lot of food for thought.

I think my initial investment were based if a popularity list and realise that was not the smart way to go.

I have started reading up on the vanguard and Scottish mortgage trust etfs this evening and these seem really good.

Is it worth investing in both or go for one? Also any good China focused etfs? Maybe put like 10% of my portfolio into that.



Here’s a couple of links:

VWRP - Vanguard FTSE All World GBP Accumulation (launched July 2019)
VWRL - Vanguard FTSE All World GBP Income - launched 2012 if you would like to see a longer track record.

If you look under documents/factsheet - you will note it holds over 3000 stocks globally, so its a really diversified fund that will return a good average of the global stock markets.

It also shows you market allocation, and since you mentioned China, 3.9% of the ETF is invested in Chinese stocks.

The Morningstar website has a wealth of information, and even allows you to compare different ETFs, Funds and Investment Trusts against each other.

That being said, past performance is not a guarantee of future performance and so on.

You might also find this article interesting as well, its not the article I was looking for, but it is reasonably well written.

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@Dougal1984 thank you for the information and links, have done some more research this morning. I think i am leaning towards the VWRP fund as it reinvests the money.

I guess I just need to sell my current investment pies and reinvest in that one?

I also will maybe take 5% of my money and put it into something speculative just for learning purposes

The links give me a good basis to start with

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