Aggregation Mode Vs Hedging.

Hi All,

yesterday I had a situation where I had an existing batch of 14 Fiverr International, I wanted to buy a smaller butch (12) and sell the 14 I had.

First I bought 12 more Fiverr shares, then sold the 14 I already owned.
However, the system aggregated the 12 + 14 and sold all of them.

Can somebody look into this please?

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I’m assuming you are in CFD, and are you definitely in hedging mode? You should have seen each opened creates a new position with the direction.

So if you had gone long with 14 and then long with 12 you should have seen two entries.

Then you closed the 14. It would have left the 12.

If you are talking Invest/ISA then yeah its aggregated.

Thanks Phil for your reply.
Yes, I’m talking about CFD.

My account is set up for hedging and I expected the 2 positions to be separated, so much so that when I closed the older positions didn’t check the quantities.
It’s the second time that this happens to me, the first time I thought I made a mistake myself but this time I checked in the report and I can see the sequence of orders clearly and I believe the system didn’t behave as expected.

@Team212 - can you help please?

@Team212 - Can somebody help??

How did you make your second buy order, from the chart or from the first order details screen?

Not quite sure to be honest, does it make any difference the “route” you use to place an order?

If you order from the chart, you create a separate order as you intended to do, but if you order from the first order details you modify (add/ remove) stock to the order and keep it as one.


Thanks for your help!
I didn’t know it.

Thanks again