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Hi @staff

Please can you advise how i can sell some of my shares held in 1 trade via CFD desktop? i.e, i have 100 shares, and would like to sell 50.

I’ve never known how to do this, and when trying before i purchased a Short position, leading me to just select the X to cancel the position forcing the sell.

I’d also like to sell .5 of TSLA if possible? and keep the remaining whole shares as i know these are not viable in stock splits.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I dont use it so probably not a great answer but I think need to fully close the position.

You’ll need to turn on hedging mode to be able to start multiple positions on the same stock so you can close them off individually.

Someone else can hopefully confirm

@phildawson thank you for replying, i’ve looked through the settings and i’m already set in Hedging mode

Pretty sure if you right click and choose edit order you can reduce position size (essentially partially close a trade) although this would be a market order - don’t think there is a way to partially close with a limit order whilst in hedging mode.

thank you for replying @ryan9921 when trying to minimise my position, i opened the edit position, entered quantity ie 50, and then ended up shorting a new position… just a little worried i may mess up again and couldn’t find a tutorial which spoke through the CFD in Stock format. hope this make sense.

I believe it is not possible.

The way around in the future it is to open your positions in installments (5X20 rather than 100).

Thank you @Alien and @ryan9921 i was able to minimise the position by following as ryan said, very happy. i just opened the position, selected the quantity and confirmed.

unsure what i done before to end up shorting :wink:

i asked Admin to remove the post as not allowing me to delete.

I just searched the forum as I was wondering how to do it and this thread popped up.

How can you tell how much profit you’re taking when you partially sell?

Let’s use your example of 100 shares. I bought 100 CFDs and am now in profit €175.

I want to partially sell to take €50 profit and leave the rest in the trade.

I can’t figure out how to get to the €50 profit part. I can partially sell a number of shares. Just practiced it in the practice account. But I have no idea how much profit I’m taking. The slider doesn’t show it.

I know I can get a calculator and figure out how many exactly I need to sell to get €50.

I can also check reports after partially closing and see if I was close to €50.

Just thought it would tell you somewhere.

I’m in hedging mode.

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