New buy orders to be separate

I would like when I buy more shares to be separate trade so can decide which one to sell.
For example I have 100 shares at $10. After 2 weeks the price is $5 and I buy another 100 shares. To see both investments separately. Then I can sell my second investment at $8 and keep my first one.

If you scroll to bottom of screen you can hit the history button and see the exact number you purchased although averaging up or down should cancel out the need to sell an exact purchase as the other purchase isn’t of the same value

Yes I know about the history that I can see them but is not the same…
if you buy multiple times a stock then sell half of them, the half remaining in my portfolio doesn’t show the accurate return. If I sell the other half will show the accurate return in the history.

Because your buying them all into one place and averaging cost vs sell orders will always differentiate.

Forgive me if I sound blunt but, if buying the new shares and adding them into your portfolio is there a reason why you’d only sell the older ones and not the new ones?

Only the CFD side has the ability to switch between hedging mode (individual positions) and aggregation.

I’ve seen the request before to have this in the Invest ISA side. I assume they won’t as most use it for long term holding and you can only go long.

Unless I’m misunderstanding something, could you not achieve this by separating the investments into pies?

I will try that, if I want them to be separate will buy in different pies and see how it is

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this is true, but it would go a good way towards easier tax declarations for those who live in countries with the FIFO policy.

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