AIM too slow to buy dips

So I’ve put a market order in for 25k PHE (powerhouse energy) on Friday, didn’t execute. This morning market opens, didn’t execute, it jumps 12% still didn’t execute, then I get a message to say my order has been cancelled now due to insufficient funds!!?? A big part of investing is buying the dips, taking the opportunity at just the right moment, this is simply not possible at the moment with AIM listed instruments, why is this service so slow?? This is so frustrating!!

I think 212 is a brilliant trading app, it works well, it’s smooth, and the ability to instantly upload funds to jump on your investments at speed is without doubt the best feature for me, however, all that is absolutely pointless if the market orders fail to execute on time!!! Please, please, please try and sort this.

Have you considered the liquidity is low on this stock?

Less than 200 trades a day average for July.

So that is generally the reason why - poor liquidity in the market.

Other brokers can put the trade out to tender to market makers, and you may get a quicker trade, but most likely pay a higher spread.

212 only uses IB and is reliant on good market liquidity. It’s as simple as that but someone from 212 can confirm.


PHE liquidity is actually pretty decent, I think the main issue comes down to IBKRs DMA vs MMs.


Yes this - poor liquidity using DMA.


Just looking this morning and theres been 178 trades in the first 50mins of today.

I’ve felt the same on other stocks where you can see its being traded but you are sitting like a lemon. Come on execute :crossed_fingers:

T212 can’t do much about it themselves.


Check out the spread on some of those trades!

@phildawson what source are you using for the trades, and does it help clearly define on/off book trading? Just thinking while we only have DMA, we could possibly request 212 to add on DMA liquidity to the app?


If i recall correctly, before investing in any AIM stock, Trading212 pops a big disclaimer message that one must agree with in order to invest.

Didn’t bother reading it eh?

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It’s not a disclaimer as such.

It’s not specially AIM but more a case of when the trading is SETSqx

It says these may take longer to execute, but as a normal user you wouldn’t know its not got the same access as other brokers.


Thats from ADVFN

If you see in that screenshot it has O next to Type, thats an Ordinary market maker trade.

The UT being the 9am auction uncrossing.

Another way to view is directly with LSE on that link you shared, you’ll see off-book on all of them. It doesn’t show bid and ask at the time though.


11 am UT

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Fair and valid point!

11.27 order executed!! Only 5% off where I wanted to be on Friday!!

Thanks for the heads up on ADVFN Phil, I’ll download that, looks like a useful app.

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Be careful. Regardless of whether or not you were too slow, this stock reminds me a lot of Valaris, Gulfport, and even Wirecard.

Trending downwards and pointing lower for lower lows in the short term before it breaks last years resistance etc. means that if you don’t get some decent catalyst for growth, this stock could just keep plummeting regardless of when you buy it.

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Every investment will carry an element of risk, some more than others, the clean energy transition is happening now, and hydrogen is looking like the only viable option to replace natural gas, therefore tech companies like powerhouse who are not only looking to produce hydrogen but will be recycling waste plastic in the process ‘should’ be winners and play a big part in the clean energy transition. Of course the first plant isn’t complete yet, and it is still early days hence the current low price, there will be lots of volatility and bumps in the road, but if you can stomach that and ride the wave, then I’m sure most who Invest will be pleased with themselves for having faith in powerhouse energy. At these prices, I’m buying and holding.


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You’re lucky, they told me I didn’t have enough money in my account even though I bought the shares on the way Down!
They then went into MY account and sold my 200 shares at a loss! Then took hundreds of pounds out of my account.
This platform is run by a bunch of crooks.
The app also let me buy the shares when they were halted by the exchange, meaning the platform is completely removed from the real market.
What this means in effect is that they can do what they want and you have zero comebacks.
Don’t trust Trading212 with your money.

Have you actually spoken to their in app help before making these statements. Mistakes happen!

What a surprise, my posts are now being moderated before I can post!

If you buy more than the funds available it’ll automatically place a sell to correct the balance so you aren’t in a negative position.

This usually happens in scenarios of double buying and only have funds for one transaction.

I assume that’s what you mean?

If you are talking Invest/ISA that’s not remotely true.

They are a broker, they pass your orders of via Interactive Brokers to the exchange

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