LSE-AIM SHARE BUYING (very difficult) Part Deux

Yes again been trying to buy ‘ACTIVE ENERGY GROUP PLC!’ all morning - Market Order still has not been filled…

You may be interested to look at this thread:

Was literally first post when you wrote this, should really take a look before making a new thread.

You can see the discussion in this thread

It may not be sent to market and may be an internal order waiting for someone to buy 🤷 in either cases this seem to be the common problem for the moment and near future.

Thanks for your reply,
If there was a better T212 order interface to provide a current status and rationale for the fill delay, I would not be looking to the community for answers. Curiously I have had an instant reply from yourself, it would take days if I emalied Naturally if you are offering stocks of interest to investors they want instant transactions, being in the 21st Century. All the US stocks I buy are instant even the OTCs.

Understandable. I think I would like to see an explanation in the help section about low liquidity and AIM delays. However you cannot be expecting instant orders on low liquidity stocks. This is not Trading 212s fault other than the fact they don’t use market makers yet. But even still execution can still take a very long time. As someone who is trading these stocks, you should be aware of this issue.

An explanation in an order status window such as ‘Low Liquidity Stock’ would be helpful. Thanks for your reply.

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