Airlines taking off

Anybody have any airline stocks at the moment. Seem like they are on a comeback

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You are a legend thanks for the tip will check out american airlines. It’s at $14.63.

Just bought in my first positions today. It is December though with very few people travelling so I wouldn’t expect them to pick up properly until 2021. I bought in today as I’m expecting some vaccine news to boost them.

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I was thinking of investing on Southwest Airlines.

Huge thanks. I think that is an awesome tip and I created a pie with some airlines <3

Don’t forget your due diligence


Just check into all the financials first some could be drowning

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There are other US regional airlines also

It’s a trap… :small_airplane::boom::money_with_wings:

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Check out Mesa Air Group

One thing to consider is that the UK is rolling out a vaccine. UK domestic flights may return first, followed then by European flights. Ryanair and EasyJet may pick up first with the US airlines following later. Cruiselines may take a bit longer I reckon as they’re for pleasure, not for transportation, so it could be after winter. Also it is December, so airlines may not pick up for a while yet, even with a vaccine. I’m dipping in funds slowly but surely

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Airlines are in way, way, way too much debt.
They had to take massive loans under the lockdown, debt has to be paid back one way or another. Airlines for me are a definient no go


Debt can be paid off. Investors invest cash because of their faith in the future. Airlines aren’t a new product with merely a proof of concept and a vision like some companies. Actually thinking of Nikola, they didn’t even have a proof of concept.

They’ll bounce back quicker than you’d expect.

Many of them will definetly bounce back. Do you think it’s a risk that they may have to issue stock to raise capital?

I wouldn’t invest in easyJet now out of principle on the baggage charges now :man_facepalming:

Boeing or airbus may be a good long term play as they pretty much have the monopoly over aircrafts

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Make you’r call. But debt in this big volumes cant just be “paid of”.

A lot of airlines have fired staff inorder to survive.

And a lot of countries (despite the vacine) will still be some what unsafe for travel.

Not only are airlines short’er of staff, they will be short’ on flights, pre-corona flight booking is gonna take a few year’s to re-build.

At the end of the day, i hope you’r right, as im a biestander on the airlines, hope you make some :euro: but from my perspective it’s lokking dark

I already have a small position with EasyJet (EZJ) as well as US Southwest Airlines (LUV) which are currently doing well as I bought it early. I want to increase exposure to airlines due to recent Vaccine Approval.

IAG International Consolidated Airlines Group, S.A. stock price seems to be still far away from the pre COVID-19 price.

Unfortunately, I cannot find their 2020 financial situation. Presumably not much worse than other airlines

Although in 2019 they still had more assets then liability its income was already in negative territory? In 202 is certainly much worse.

But they recently made 10.000+ job cut which will help them financially. Also, many analysts rated this UK stock as severely undervalued stock.
What do you think ? Do you hear any good news, bad news? Thanks

Agreed, Boeing and Airbus are the two biggest holdings in the airlines pie I made.

I haven’t heard about the easyJet baggage scandal but there are some good articles online about deciding to buy or not buy stocks out of moral principles. I did some reading when I saw Rio Tinto’s massive dividend and was hesitant to buy after their destruction of sacred aboriginal sites for their mining operations.

Not sure will a stock issuance come but I wouldn’t be surprised. There are a couple of airlines which seemed to be performing poorly with their stock compared to others even pre-pandemic which I decided to write off however. The likes of Lufthansa or Air France/KLM.

@InvestOnly I’m surprised by the values given on the top three here. I’m still not too concerned though. I’ll buy, hold for a while, and sell for profit.

I got in IAG around 95p at the last dip.

The way I see it, at the very basic level, a group containing AER Lingus, BA and Iberia etc has a stronger chance than just a single name solitary brand like EasyJet


Have mentioned a nice little one already further up worth looking at

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Better buy Rolls Royce. Less risk and high reward. They build engines for all the airlines. Disclaimer: I own some RR.