Investing in airlines for long term

Hi everyone,

I would like to invest in airlines and aerospace companies and also resorts, cruise tour agencies and travel agencies. I created a pie of all that but I didn’t fund it yet.
I know that this is not going to see any growth in the short term, but I am considering it for a long term (over 10 years).
Any advice or thoughts regarding that? Thanks!

I don’t particularly like airlines themselves regardless of covid or not, they are very much cyclical. But out of all airlines Delta is my favourite, simply because they provide maintenance facilities to almost every airline in the world, hence have a unique position.

I also have been continuously buying Lockheed Martin for over a decade now, decent growth and stable dividends. Other than these I don’t have much insight.

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Lufthansa i think is the most stable air france and i ag also look good for a bounce back and the us long haulers have plenty of profit in them for us as long as they don’t go broke. I’ve put my money on IG and sold lufthunsa for profit

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I can understand someone that speculates on the return to normality. What I don’t understand is investing in industries with high competition, offering ‘commodity’ products.

Think about it. There is and there will be vaccine shortage for the so called ‘First World’. Noone knows if and when there will be a return to normality soon for the rest of the world. Airlines will suffer for a long time. There will be bankruptcies.

There are a ton of opportunities in the stock market. Tech, Value, everything. I would look elsewhere.

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