Allow selling of covered calls

I understand T212 sees options as gambling but I think they should give access to the safer strategies like selling covered calls so that we can generate income/reduce cost basis.

With covered calls all you are risking is your shares being called away (at a higher price than your cost, so you will still be net positive). You are just selling future upside for upfront income.

We aren’t asking options strategies with undefined max losses. Covered calls are relatively safe and it would be a huge differtiator to every single one of UK brokers. Your partnership with IB would also make it relatively straightforward to implement this, correct me if I am wrong.


I too would like options. But I don’t think it’s likely. I think tastyworks is a broker that people use for options.

Agreed. But OPs talking about Covered Calls, which is a simple short option strategy to generate income or reduce cost basis. I believe it’s a very nice tool for buy and hold investors. Hopefully we can get it next year or so.

I personally trade options elsewhere, and need to hold 100 shares of each company there to sell CCs, if I hold them here, T212 can make good money from our holdings by lending and interests.

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Why are you re-explaining what op said?

I think the second paragraph is different if you read. But if I repeated something, apologies! :pray:t2:

I would love to see this feature

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It is something I would be interested in.