Trading 212 as long term indexing platform

Hi all,

I’m relatively new to T212. I was drawn to the platform by the zero fee model and great Pie/Autoinvest features.

I’m essentially a long term investor focused only on broad indexing via ETFs at low cost.

T212 almost seems too good to be true. My total investment cost via a portfolio of global of ETFs is 0.12%, of course with no platform fee. Vanguard, Fidelity, Interactive Investor etc just can’t compete.

So my question…are there any specific risks that people see related to T212 in the long term? What about long term viability? Why doesn’t everybody just switch to T212?

Interested in any thoughts.


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I think although T212 has been going for many years (I think it’s like 14years) the whole app is still being developed and in that new period. The last couple years has seen massive growth so I can see that growing quite rapidly with the whole anyone can be a retail trader with minimal knowledge and no fees.

Once they add additional exchanges and OTC, sort out after hours tradings and LV2 access, Options and a few other things it’s going to get a lot more eyes on it.

T212 is essentially still piggybacking on IB which I think is in the top five world’s biggest brokers so that platform isn’t going away.

T212 are also profitable every year so it’s looking good for the foreseeable future.

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Thanks, what you describe is quite reassuring.

I hope more people pay attention to T212. As far as I can see no other UK platforms implement anything like ‘Pie’. The ease of rebalancing etc is so good.

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