AMD buying Xilinx?

A company already going places could go further, quicker if this deal gets done. If you aren’t already on the train, jump aboard!

I wouldn’t be so quick to jump aboard. I heard that AMD don’t have the money to be buying Xilinx so may issue more shares (the opposite of a buy back, thus diluted the value of the stock) so may drop further. It mightn’t be a bad idea to average from here but note that AMD may drop.


Thanks for that info. I’ve been invested since late July and even after slightly more than doubling my initial outlay I’m +23% (initial ones +66%) so a slight drop through share dilution won’t hurt that much, especially long-term.

If they’re offering same number of shares at a discount to fund raise I’ll still be in for more. Depends on what the offer is though :man_shrugging:

Also worth noting they will be smashing Q3 earnings 3rd November so if a cash raise offer is announced before that the bounce may offset the drop :thinking:

Essentially AMD are valued at 100b dollars, have about 1b dollars in cash and want to buy Xilinx for 30b dollars. So the deficit needs to be made up from somewhere unless they intend to just buy the company through stock ownership.

+23% with +66% on your initial one’s is great. Well done.

I’ll certainly be buying more anyway at the cheaper price. I’m going to hold off a little and leave the downward trend continue for a bit, maybe buying in next week.

It could be good to play earnings if you’re a trader! Maybe not so much for an investor, but it wouldn’t do any harm long term for sure.

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oh wow, looks like it… This is a jackpot, I am a holder of both :heart:

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stock swap is not an unreasonable outcome. Most Xilinx owners would’not mind switching to AMD trenches. the ark-invest-lady is one of the bigger funds owning Xilinx stock, and certainly she was positive about AMD (about a month ago)


Could someone from T212 confirm what the treatment of this merger would be on the platform if it were approved (looks likely)? Would XLNX holders get an equivalent fractional amount in AMD, just monetary value etc?


Can we get a response to this please? Does anyone know what has happened on T212 in previous takeovers like this?

Have you read the T&C of the merger that should define what happens with your shares.

I have. I was wondering how T212 would handle it when it is potentially finalised based on previous acquisitions of this kind. So would our Xilinx shares be converted to AMD shares or sold off. Or do we get whole AMD shares after the conversion and any remaining fractional converted to cash.

In case of an acquisition or a merger, you will receive the cash equivalent of the new shares.
We are working towards implementing conversion of the shares in the future, but we have no ETA.

This sucks…

there is still at least 6 months if not a year until this acquisition is formally complete, one can only hope this’d be implemented by then.

You could buy the AMD shares with the cash?

never thought about buying a particular share with cash I own, thanks… I was thinking not loosing to buy/sell spread and currency fx fees twice for something that is utterly unnecessary.

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