AMD won't let intel time to recover

Intel is already behind in almost all aspects accept may be slight advantages in some games due to Intels higher boost clocks.

Now with the rumours that some frequency bumps are also incoming with zen3 architecture might cut of intels last standing leg… as soon as october.

uff, if these leaked benchmarks are correct… this is the nail on the coffin.


I should have got some AMD shares a while ago…

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Lets hope they can make a dent in NVidea’s dominance on high end graphic cards in this generation (big navi). I dont really expect a 3080 price/performance competitor but lets hope they get close enough and even closer next year.

I just love the fact there CPU’s have stronger performance than Intel’s

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Just waiting Intel to drop a bit and do a big buy :pray:

hoping for this too! probably won’t happen this year tho. I’d settle for a “close in gap” on the high end Nvidia is at least few years ahead of the competition.

… but may be it is true and AMD found some alien tech somewhere and big navi will challenge 3090? :man_shrugging:

I don’t think intel will have a definite “drop” moment. They’ll probably become stale until they catch up technologically, loosing a bit of value on every earnings date. The dilemma for Intel is they’ll need to invest a lot more in R&D if they are going to catch up. That might mean cutting or completely eliminating their dividend, which will hit the stock price, increase their borrowing rates etc.

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But honestly even if all this dabble is truth. Current AMD and NVIDIA valuation is bubble territory, next 5 year returns if bought at current levels might be miserable.

Intel for all its “problems” has more upside potential then, NVIDIA or AMD at current price.



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That’s a valid point.
On the flip side, Intel still has the biggest contracts and performance is not the most important measurement for mass adopted products like Dell and Lenovo computers.

In theory, Intel doesn’t need to surpass AMD, they just need to be close and to be able to handle the demand, that they already do and AMD don’t.

I’m on both AMD / Nvidia since months ago, now I’m waiting a drop of around 5 to 10 % on Intel to jump in.

Just plotting the 50 and 200 SMA

@Vedran both nvidia and amd are semiconductor stocks and they are very expensive, but they are not in an identical position.

nvidia is already TINA in high end graphics, their gains are mostly from cloud AI/compute expansions, and they can basically charge what ever they wish to for their high end cards.

AMD on the other hand has just a “slice” from the gargantuan CPU market, in all segments and there is huge opportunity for them to gain. This is not a “futuristic” view or vision. There already is an established market, if Player A does things better for cheaper it’ll get a bigger slice from the pie. Forward P/E is just “price / forecasted earnings” which is not enough alone to call it a buble (imo)

AMDs market share is 19.2%/19.9%/5.8% for desktop/mobile/server CPUs respectively. As long as intel keeps lagging there is a very realistic potential for AMD to double and triple its market share. Although this is not a duopoly AMD/Intel cover the vast majority of CPUs.

This is very true, it is a slow moving market and building momentum takes time and trust by OEM partners. But there are already signs of tides shifting, starting with the consoles. Dell, HP and Lenovo only started partnering with AMD in 2017 it has been like token 1-2 models per brand up until early 2020. They just started offering multitudes of models (especially after the success of mobile Ryzen 9 4000 series)

Then again, I have an average price of $20.5 for my current AMD holdings, so its a bit easier for me to cheer for AMD. :heart::clown_face: :balloon:

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To be honest… I think all this tech giants will do better than everyone else on long run :crossed_fingers:

Apologies, @Vedran
apparently I lied when I was replying to this. After seeing independent benchmarks of 5000 series CPUs from AMD today, I liquidated my entire pfizer positions and bought another big bag of AMD for at least to keep over mid-term (2-5 years)

This is an utter slam dunk…

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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) had a nice UPGRADE from Goldman Sachs (GS) from NEUTRAL to BUY and price target raised from $84 to $96.

If AMD continue to take market share from Intel they are bound to grow. I would keep an eye on Intel though, in my lifetime the CPU king has changed hands 4 times between Intel and AMD.

Apple A14X > AMD 5000

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nothing will ever be as fast as apple, thanks to magical dusts, and good vibes used.
It’ll be at least 3x faster even if it is slower :confused: :confused: :confused:

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I think you selling PFE jinxed us into this vaccine rally. Should have known better and double my positions. :weary:

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Have you seen, how many times I’ve written about “being wrong about timing the market”

PFE is not the first time I did this, and I know its not going to be the last :slight_smile:

on the other hand, I did this with my own judgement, I may very well be wrong about AMD in the mid term run of 5 years, but I don’t think I’ll loose much sleep over it.

a very side note. I don’t like any stock of mine growing over 5% of my portfolio. And at the moment AMD, NVDA, and STNE are waaay over that. If the Xilinx acquisition goes through (naturally I hold Xilinx as well) AMD will hit over 12% of my portfolio. So I already got a trim/sell target for AMD/NVDA but STNE, I don’t know… It feels like no price is right for trimming STNE.

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After the Apple M1 chip, AMD and Nvidia will bankrupt in few months :apple:

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I am looking at adding more STNE as its 0.74% of my portfolio, just trying to assess a value I want to get more at.

I completely exited INTEL recently whilst trimming portfolio, I just feel its one of those stocks I own but dont hold hopes for much.

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I read some rumours about STNE being bought by amazon, I believe it is 90% false rumours but could not resist and bought a small number of naked calls.

The reason I believe the rumours are baseless is the very real growth potential STNE holds. If Amazon tries to buy it they’ll need to make a really huge offer. Also thinking some of the backers of STNE are world’s richest (i.e Warren Buffet 11%) they won’t get convinced by a small slice offered by amazon.

The post you’ve quoted from me mentions how bad I am with timing the market :slight_smile: so I can’t really advise on this. IF I had money and wanted to buy something, I usually do without not caring too much about entry point.