AMD ceo Dr. Lisa Su claps Nvidia too after Intel?

Quoting Linus:
“Dr. Lisa Su, turning into the master of dunking on the competition”

This actually is more significant than the recent CPU announcements, because it marks the first time AMD is on equal/better/competing performance grounding as Nvidia. While maintaining less power usage and being a lot cheaper.

While LTT shot this video the prices were not out but competing flagship cards RTX3090 ~ $1600 while AMD 6900XT is about $1000

Some please find an appropriate BOOM gif without Steve Jobs :slight_smile:

edit: Yeah I realise I’ve became quite the AMD fanboy, but show me the other company building it for cheaper and faster, I’ll switch sides immediately. AMD catching/surpassing only means end users will access more muscle power cheaper.

edit2: if i do switch sides that easily may be i am not a proper fanboy? :thinking:

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Any good sources you recommend to read up on case for AMD going forward stock wise, as I go between thinking its overpriced to about to breakout even more depending on which day. I am bullish on NVIDIA and not on INTEL and trying to work out AMD.

See also FT article from today on the Xilinx $35b all-stock offer. AMD is gearing up to - finally - offer competition to Nvidia. I’ve liked Nvidia’s stock for a while but AMD is now looking like a bargain if you’re going for the long game (forgive the pun). haven’t looked at AMD’s fundamentals in too much depth so would be interesting to look at FCF, debt obligations, and their respective market share in the affected verticals. exciting times to come, interesting trade.

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