Amount you want to pay

It’d be good to have a toggle when buying shares. So instead of dragging the bar along too far & going back I could just say “buy as much as you can with £12.54” and then the remaining cash stays in the balance

An “all” option would also be good.

And maybe let the slider only move to the maximum that your cash amount allows (not beyond then showing a warning) this is the main source of annoyance for me


I was thinking the same thing. Like buy as many as I can for £100


We need this feature! Asap :slight_smile:

Vote from me for such feature as well


It’d be good if it automatically adjusts too. e.g. you might say buy £20 and it’ll have a prompt saying the max you can buy is £19; after they “ok” the prompt it should automatically adjust to £19


@ukcz Auto-adjusting would be a nice touch! :+1:t2:

@Ivan, is there a chance for this feature to be launched today? Or is there a new timeline for this?

This is really the dream for fractional shares. The option at the moment is good but I like investing in round numbers and it means you don’t have to have a few pence lying around in your account all the time


Any revised timescales for this? It would be super helpful

That’s not going to change at all. e.g. 0.01 shares of an ETF I have is £0.70 but I only have £0.48 in cash

I don’t think that the main advantage of the feature is to manage <1£/$/€ amounts. The benefits are bigger than that.

Anyways, even those small amounts are gathering slowly so eventually, you can reinvest the gathered amount with the help of fractionals.

are you referring to the auto invest feature? think I read about this in a topic somewhere in this forum…

Yes…auto reinvestment of dividends are a huge missing feature for me, cannot wait until they are implemented.

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It’s almost end of March now, and I don’t think this feature has been added. Any updates? It would really be useful to have this, especially when buying fractional shares

it’s not a problem even if the update has been pushed to April. There’s a lot going on that has impacted everyone so its understandable for things to take a little more time than planned for.

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