Option to not include fractional shares in value limit order

When buying a value limit there should be an option to not include fractional shares, I absolutely hate fractional shares and I don’t buy / want them


You’d have to sort of workaround to get this, because realistically it’s not going to be a priority dev - I’m a bit funny with numbers so I usually:

  1. Switch to value
  2. Type in desired investment - note down number.
  3. Swap back to number of shares and type in the number I like.

Only adds a second or two to the day.

lol thanks it’s what I do now but find it get’s awfully frustrating after a while when your doing many trades.

You will always be able to select number of shares when using limit orders - we won’t sacrifice any functionality that we already have today. Just enter whole numbers :slight_smile:

perhaps you read my suggestion to quick

I’ll try again in layman terms it was an “added” function as in a checkbox or something next to the value order ? so people don’t have to keep switching to and from the value and number of shares option ?

pm me if you’re still having problems.

I believe I understood you very well, correct me if I’m wrong - you want to be able to select how much money to be spent on a stock but instead of fractions you want whole shares + “spare change”.

I think ‘Number of shares’ mode does the job since even today you get an estimation of how much you would spend for the selected number of shares: