(Android) App getting stuck after buying a stock

Hi, today and yesterday I have tried to buy over a dozen stocks, on test and real account. 90% of the time the app gets stuck with no recovery at all. Even if you wait a minute!

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S10+ under Android 10.

Anyone else with the same issue?

Is it a known bug?

Hi @saifali, quite unusual :thinking: I can see that all of your trades in the last 3 days had passed through, also, I could not reproduce the issue in multiple trades. Could you, please, contact us at feedback@trading212.com and share a short video? This will help us a lot. Thanks.

Yes they went through but I mean as soon as I confirm an order with the pop-up, the app got stuck.

I cannot reproduce it since the markets are closed and my demo account is exhausted.

Maybe I’ll try to do it next week and get back to you on this.

We found the :bug: :relieved:, it was a tricky one, expect a fix later today, version @saifali thank you for reporting the issue.


Awesome!! Thank you for figuring it out!