Any further Vanguard ETFs Coming?

Hi are there any plans for access to more of vanguards ETFs? Would mean I don’t have to utillise their platform and could do everything in 212


Ask them. They added VFEM, VHYL, VGOV and VWRL within 24 hours of me asking for them on reddit. (Yeah it was me that got them on there. Say thanks lol ;D)


Hi, @mattwaddy! You can share with us, which Vanguard ETFs you are interested in and we’ll do our best to add them. :v:

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Hi all,

Rather than start a new thread I’ll ask here.
Loving the platform, especially now we have fractional shares.

Regarding say Vanguard ETFs, the small percentage fee that Vanguard charge the ongoing fee is it the same on here? I can nit find information of fees aside from trades being free.

How about single stocks, if trades are free is a hidden account fee somewhere ive missed.


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providing you have the correct fund opened, all charges should be as you are expecting.

There are no hidden fees associated with the opening or closing of positions on the platform side of things so don’t worry there. Seems like T212 is working on clarifying the fees applicable to stocks and funds so look forward to that :grin:

That’s good to know, thanks.

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I think you refer at TER (total expense ratio). You can find it here under KID section.
Would be cool the TER info under Instrument details in the app too. Or the KID directly.

(later edit: KID for VWRL not available)

Yes that is exactly it, it even inks to Vanguards own document.

100% this should be shown under Instrument Details!



Also they lowered the expenses for some:

Definitely! One guys in the support chat, named Alex, keeps telling me that I don’t pay any fees if I buy, say, the S&P 500 ETF. But I was telling him that, surely, I’ll have to pay for the TER of the ETF itself, right? (this would be done within an Invest account)

Or is it actually completely free? Meaning that Trading212 covers the TER of the ETF? This Alex guy keeps telling me that I would have to pay anything … not sure I understand what he’s saying though :frowning:

Thank you in advance!

Ok, just saw this issue: Vanguard fees help, which kinda answers my newbie question.

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Hello, i was wondering if more vanguard etf’s will be added? For example: VPU or VGT.

Why is etoro then able to offer almost all etf’s? I thougt they are based in Europe as well. Dont get me wrong i choose trading212 every day over etoro, but i was just wondering.

There is a reddit thread on How does eToro let EU investors buy US domiciled ETFs?

No one seems to know. Perhaps it is only because the regulator has not caught them yet, or that they are wrongly categorising all clients as “professional” rather than “retail”.

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I’m asking the FCA now:


Nice, im curious to know.

Will update everyone!


Just got a reply, TLDR: They will look into it.

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An enquiry to eToro customerservice generated this reply. I asked how it is that they can offer these ETFs while other brokers say they cannot:

“Kindly note that all instruments you are able to trade on our platform are compliant with the laws. We are checking regularly with the specific regulations of our customers and you do not need to worry about trading anything on our platform that is not confirm with the law.”