Any guidance/feedback on my long term portfolio please?

Hi there,

I am fairly new to the trading world and I currently use T212’s Stocks and Shares ISA section to try and build a nice little nest egg for the future. I have been putting in small amounts each month, selling/reinvesting profits and I think I have something stable/future proof but as I said I am new so any criticisms would be very welcome and much appreciated. My thought process and reasons behind chosing the ETF’s/Stocks/REIT’s that I have is based on research online and a number of other factors such as a leaning/wanting of a greener/renewable future. So basically i’ve gone for renewables, REIT’s in the USA, EU, and UK, and then some ETF’s across a number of dif markets to try and diversify as much as possible. Am I missing anything or is there something fundamentally flawed in my investment approach? I am eager to learn as much as I can. Many thanks in advance

My current portfolio looks as follows:

Brookfield Renewable Partnews - 16%

iShares Global Clean Energy - 12.98%

Brookfield Infrastructure - 9.85%

Gamesa - 9.21%

Brookfield Asset Management - 8.93%

iShares UK property - 8.50%

Vanguard S&P 500 ETF - 8.16%

Vanguard FTSE All-world - 6.36%

Vanguard FTSE Developed Asia Pacific ex Japan - 2.86%

Vanguard FTSE Japan - 2.64%

SPDR S&P UK Dividen - 2.59%

iShares European Property Yield - 2.26%

Realty Income 1.00%

I will add to this that I have currently put £2115 into my ISA since March of this year and my current portfolio balance is sitting at £2408.68. So I have made a profit but I am thinking that this was due to the upswing after the markets tanked (even though they have not recovered). So I am wondering if my gains were purely based on the market upswing post crash, or is there some validity to my current portfolio.

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Welcome to T212!

Here’s my two pennies’ worth on your portfolio.

Overall, it’s not the worst I’ve seen, but I guess it’s helpful to be uber critical…

I would turn the portfolio on its head and have a majority in low-cost trackers like VWRL then overlay ETFs or ITs to give it a tilt towards renewables etc.

I’d suggest that would decrease costs and risk significantly. That said, I’m not a fan of the latest factor/trend ETFs at all.

You’ll also find a fair bit of duplication between your index funds. I’d go with just VWRL or something like VNRT, VAPX, VEUR, VJPN and VFEM, which would work out a little cheaper.

You can probably lose the UK dividend ETF altogether, it doesn’t add a lot.

By my quick count, you have more than 20% in property (not including Reits held by your tracker funds), and I’d be very uncomfortable with that high an allocation.

Personally, I hold one or two specialist Reits, such as EQIX, but they make up a tiny proportion of my overall portfolio.

I don’t know those property funds particularly well, but you’ll probably find a fair amount of overlap there too, likewise with the renewables ones.

In terms of what you may be missing: small caps jumps out as does an allocation to bonds (many will say don’t bother with either though).

Many round here also swear by EQQQ and SMT, so perhaps they could be worth a look.

These threads are worth a read, some great feedback from folk far more knowledgeable than me:

@Donald_Duck put together this great guide too, which is also well worth a read:


Hey @Smoothsailing25

There’s SO much info in the thread I created (that’s kindly been attached :raised_hands:t2:) I can’t tell you how useful it’s been!

It’s quite the epic read now (as I still ask questions there) but it’s full of incredible help and guidance and it’s been detrimental is my portfolio build.

Hope it helps you too.

*incremental :rofl: epic fail!

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I think you definitely mean incremental…? :smile:

(These late night posts are the worst, eh?)

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Hahahaha oh dear, I need to stop trying to use big and clever words after a long day.

2 nights, 2 fails and they say it comes in 3’s. Think I’ll stay off here tomorrow night! :see_no_evil::rofl:


Thank you very much all for your invaluable guidance and for taking the time to write your replies. Turns out 30 minutes after I posted this I found out that im most likely being let go from my job and will need to withdraw to cover the unforseen that lies ahead. I was slowly building an emergency fund (should have done this beforehand) but alas, it will not be enough. Thank you once again and I hope you are all keeping well during these turbulent times.

Sorry to hear this…i wish you all the best !

Quickly to your portfolio i think you have far too many baskets which are overlapping. If you are backtracking your portfolio against the S&P500 i believe you find that you would have been beaten by the S&P500…Since you have a long investment horizon, i would go with 2 or 3 ETF’s at this stage…for example

FTSE all world

or a combo of

MSCI World and MSCI emerging markets

or a more risky approach

S&P500 and NASDAQ100 plus an emerging Market ETF

The last one would be my choice if i would have such a long horizon ahead.


That’s awful. Best of luck with what’s to come.

Hopefully you can keep reading and powering yourself with knowledge and when the times right again you’ll come back stronger :muscle:t2: ready to take on your portfolio.