ETF advice newbie

Hi, i’m new to investing and i’m looking to build a plan over 25 years for my retirement. I’m currently 45/45 in 2 ETF’s, the Vanguard S&P 500 and ishares S&P 500 Information technology sector. I use the remaining 10% to buy various singe stocks.

Are these ETF’s viable for long term growth? 25 years minimum. Thank you

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I would be careful taking advice from any online forum, but the obvious spot is that you are very US concentrated with that choice.

VWRP as the accumulation version of VWRL is something I would consider as well.

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ETF’s are considered a fine choice for the long term.
You are weighted on the US sector, but that comes down to your preference also. If you think the emerging markets are not going to outperform the US over the next 10 years, then your portfolio should reflect that, or vice versa.

Most people split it up in any way they want really.
You could be 50% USA / 10% China / 10% Japan / 10% UK / 10% Europe / 10% stocks …
Whatever floats your boat, but pay attention to the management costs and fund sizes too, just to make sure your paying a cheap management fee and are buying into large fund sized ETFs.

Nothing is forever though, anything can happen or change - always have that in mind.

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Thanks for the replies. I am leaning heavily on USA funds but to be honest, and this will make experienced investors cringe i’m sure, I follow a person on you tube who advises to keep your money purely in the S&P 500 as the track record of long term return is consistent.

Grateful for any tips or advice you can give. Is FTSE100 worth investing in as well as S&P 500?

I appreciate the patience and taking the time to advise.

Thank you

can you please also recommend some of the ETF that are in T212 universe for China, Japan or you mean iShares small cap ETF but I guess that is just for US? do we have any ETF for China Japan?

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Here is a list I did a while back, have a look - it’s all nice in a excel spreadsheet format.


Hi, i’ve just been looking at your spreadsheet. Thank you so much by the way for providing this. I’m predominantly invested in the VUSA and the IITU. I like the fact that the IITU auto invests dividends. It’s all a learning curve for me at the moment but i’m in for the long term. Thanks again for sharing

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No worries, glad it’s of use :slight_smile:
Anything else you want, head over to - that’s where the data is from.

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Reading what you posted here maybe (always do your own research) a developed world ETF like sppw would fit you. It’s still heavily US centred (66% of fund) but also includes Europe and some parts of Asia and Oceania. It excludes emerging markets. Expense ratio is 0.12%, higher than most S&P 500 ETFs but that’s the price you pay to include an additional 22 countries.

You need to have exposure to China for certain as they are the only one with a growing economy currently out of the big hitters

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What fund would you recommend for this? Thanks for taking the time offer some advice, i really appreciate it.

@jamo I’m not into funds I prefer to choose my own stocks.
Having no exposure to Chinese companies would be a mistake even if only 20%
Fund’s are a great addition to a diverse portfolio but if you want to learn about the stocks themselves you have to be in it. Also US stocks are massively bloated atm, if you want a safe haven whats wrong with the UK? Independence should spike foreign investment

What? You’re almost suggesting that you have to buy what’s hot, and avoid what’s not.

You should check what’s priced in.

Sorry but where have I said that?

Sorry thought you were implying it in your statement, possibly misread intent:
“You need to have exposure to China for certain as they are the only one with a growing economy currently out of the big hitters”

Only up to 20% I just feel to leave China out of his investments right now is not wise, I certainly wouldn’t put all my eggs in Chinas basket. To just have US stocks right now also I don’t think is wise but we are all here to help each other but in the end we make our own decisions.
Tbh I would rather we all just bought UK funds and shares as the country really needs the support but I doubt it would be the most profitable

I agree with you there. There’s a lot of negativity, scepticism might be a better word for the UK market overall right now, and I think that helps the value of investing now, long term.

I actually think it might be one of the surprises of 2021 performance wise.

Everyone looks to historic performance and the UK is out of hilt to the tech stocks in the US as that tends to be where more money is focused.

Not every uk stock will be a hit, but there are some good ones out there.

I’ve tried to split mine fairly evenly across the board, I’m not really looking for a market to invest in, and more the companies than the countries they come from.
I do think also that the UK has great growth potential but seeing our companies floating on foreign exchanges does concern me

I have put my money into this Baillie Gifford China Growth Trust. have a look on this post Your suggestions/opinions regarding my pie