Sell or keep 20yrs old ISA portfolio

Hi, after over 20 years have I only paid any attention to my actively managed ISA portfolio of 45k at 1.75% annual charge.
I am kind of two minds about leaving it, or transferring to either here or IE as I plan on cashing it within the next 5/7 years. Obviously my shocking concern is the amount of charges. However transferring it will require selling the shares, and getting less and then reinvesting as they are individually picked shares.

I know this is not a financial advice, just your thoughts between the two options, bearing in mind, I intend to cash in 5/7 years time. Thanks for any thoughts.

Have you compared your total returns with the 1.75% fees against say a global equity index return from say VWRL or HMWO?

Also have your goals changed and what is your investment plan now?

Perhaps your managed return has done well and it’s worth sticking to?

Whoever is managing your portfolio should be providing statements to back up the value their service gives you.

Thanks for the reply. I’m swaying more towards selling due to the ongoing charges.