Any T212 "LEADER" trading CFDs?

Are there any “ Leaders ” which trade CFD’s?

I’ve noticed some users have “Leader” attached to their profiles, however i’m not aware of any Leaders which trade CFD’s.

If there are No T212 Leaders trading CFD’s, please can T212 consider appointing some?

Thank you :smiley:

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Hey @Hectares

The ‘Leader’ role is just assigned based on community contribution. Nothing to do with investing/trading experience.

Although I’m sure there are a few CFD regulars with ‘Leader’ label about… @iaguar possibly…?

Hi Joey, I recall you said before the Leader role to me so aware it’s not to do with experience, however all the Leaders which assist those with ISA/Invest answers/experiences has been beneficial.

Several Leaders which understand and trade CFD would be ideal, and hope T212 will consider having some.

I don’t believe @laguiar trades CFD :wink:

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So who do you propose for this role? I am curious :partying_face:

If i knew any i’d definitely suggest them. Leaders which T212 have appointed have been using the platform for years and bring added skill to the forum. I believe T212 will be aware of those CFD traders as they’ll have access to their accounts.

@ffp3_mask has great knowledge in the field, however if i recall correctly he stopped using T212 CFD due to their wide spreads :cry:

Well, you don’t necessarily have same email for t212 and for community.

Also same people who are experienced using CFD might not be actively present.

In all honesty rarely I see active members on CFD topics. I presume because CFD eats a lot of time. Time is money etc.

So I guess it is more natural for long term folks to have more time for chit chat.

There is 48 members with Regular status(possible to see them via medals thingy), which means they are active and could possibly be Leader if needed by T212.

As far as current Leaders, Chantal said she is doing CFD.
Others I am not sure, if any.


Please can you tell me how to search via medals? i tried by typing Leader but that didn’t work :wink:

Fabulous and thank you for replying, i’m actually ok at the moment. i was hoping @Team212 @David @Martin @Tony.V etc could consider having some Leaders which trade CFD’s… hopefully they’ll consider you if you meet their criteria. I’ll inbox you now so i don’t lose you haha :wink:

I’ve noticed the CFD related discussions are less frequent.

(Apart from the end of last week of course) :wink:

It would be good to share more on the subject.

Click on someones Avatar, then drop down will list few medals. Click +X More, you will see list of medals.
Find Regular. Click on it.

Then you will see “Others with this badge (48)”

Can do same for Leader, etc…


Adding to what has been mentioned:

We are all just general investors, Leader status or not, and for general queries and questions the collective userbase of this forum will offer valuable advice for all. That’s the beauty of forums, a first time poster can offer brilliant advice even to some of the veterans on here. In that respect, I’m not sure Leader status makes much difference to the overall knowledgebase.

It’d be lovely if the CFD forum side was thriving as much as the ISA / Invest side though, but as Vedran brilliantly pointed out - time is money on that game, perhaps they are tied up trading.

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Wow. You taught me a new trick today. And also that some Leaders/Regulars do not have the word written below their name. I’d forgotten that it is optional to show it.

You’re right, my money is all on NKLA, I don’t need CFD.