Why are some stocks not on CFD but are on Invest

Why some stocks are only on Invest platform and not on CFD and vice versa? If you are adding a stock to the trading platform why not do it to both? For example like SPI

you realised that only after stock went 4000% up in single day?

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no, i have asked for other stocks to be added to CFD platform in the past, but this event has made me feel like i could miss out.

If it’s any consolation, there are more markets on the CFD side so you can stay up all night trading Hong Kong and Japanese stonks.

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Good opportunity to short. I agree with @Maxim

Why aren’t they automatically added to both platforms. Maybe because it was a crappy penny stock up until today. There’s a lot of crap on invest that would be untradeable on CFD due to the spread. Then again there are some untradeable stocks on CFD already that would need insider info to make money from.

So maybe there are some light rules about what gets put on there. But surely they can automate it and add it to CFD as they’re adding it to invest if it passes the test. Must be over $1 must have volume of XYZ per day etc

that is exactly what i wanted to do, short that stock, for a stock to shoot up that much so quickly, there will be a correction, and it has already dropped to $18 from $40 something, profit could have been made here

I vaguely recall one of the 212 team explaining it is about their own risk management

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Yep, the spreads are painful for penny stocks!


Jeezus. What’s the point of even having that on CFD?

I guess people still trade them without thinking about the spread so t212 makes cash from these nooby mistakes.

I can imagine somebody saying “wow this stock is so cheap” and they buy a tonne of CFDs, then wonder why they are instantly $500 in the red. And then 5 seconds later their account is wiped out. Lol

I wiped out the $50,000 practice account a few times when I had no idea what the hell a CFD was.

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