Is there any other way to contact trading212

I have been locked out of my CFD account since Friday night. I have sent an email to customer support, but I had no reply yet. It’s very frustrating. Any advice.

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Send them an email to

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You can send a private message to any of the devs on this forum - I can tag here if you’re not sure who they are.

There is live chat within the portfolio section.

Hi Thanks for the message. I have to be logged on to get to the chat?

Yes you do, do you not have an account?

Afaik not everyone sees the chat. Some get email form presented only.

It is something to do without loadbalancing. There is a official statement about it.

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Hi mate hope you’re okay! i need to get in contact with someone urgently please to assist with proof of verification, can you point me in the right direction?

@Tony.V @George @David - Happy New year.

Don’t imagine anyone is working today but can one of you advise or assist @lewisjcharles with his verification issues please?

@lewisjcharles if you start a new topic under Help section and tag one of the above guys, that’s probably your best bet via the forum for assistance.

Hi mate, thank you so much for the response on this. It’s hugely appreciated! I’ve started a topic under Help, i will tag them now in this, thanks mate.

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