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It would be great to have an app like thinkorswim/ trading view, or integration with trading view charts like many softwares have.

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I know that TradingView is very popular for charting, but since we strive for a seamless user experience, the plan is to improve our own charts and tools for analysis.

Are there any particular features that you miss from our charts?


Custom indicators and scripts like automatic plotting CCITSI Hull, and rsi and macd divergence

automatically plotting scripts. Also a TTM squeeze indicator and TTM trend.

@jamest5 Thanks! Right now we are focused on some other essential features but once we get back to upgrading our charts, we will consider these indicators. We see that more and more clients are starting to use ProQuant which is far more sophisticated in finding patterns and executing indicator-based strategies. But of course, we won’t give up from improving the good old charting.

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I use TradingView because it just seems more accurate, if you look at some of the Trading212 charts they have huge spikes in them that never existed. The problem I have is that TradingView doesn’t have live data for the LSE, which kinda leaves me stuck between TradingView and Trading212, both being inadequete for my purposes.

It would be nice if you guys can focus on getting rid of the outliers in your charts.

In addition to this, I have never heard of ProQuant before until you mentioned it. I am actually a Software Engineer and had a question about whether there is a way to trigger BUY/SELL orders via an API? Does ProQuant allow this or what is it for exactly? Are they parterned up with Trading212? Any additional charges, etc?

EDIT: To clarify, I have developed my own stocks platform that has the necessary data and scripts that can decide for me when to BUY/SELL stocks, I just don’t have the ability to automate this yet. If ProQuant can do it, then surely there must be a way for me?

Yes it is a software that allows you to build and follow (other peoples) robots. I believe it works with an API


We will check what we can do to clear the spikes. We are now in process of overhauling our quotes which should solve the problem.

ProQuant is connected to Trading 212 via an API which is not public. We don’t plan to open it in the next few months. We’ll keep the community posted when we prioritize it.

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Ok cool, I look forward to your updates.

I checked ProQuant a little more yesterday and it looks like it is only geared towards your CFD platform, which I can understand but my use case would be for your Invest platform.

Dear All,
API integration with tradingview would be very helpful.

The user experience and functionalities are very different.
Trading 212 is very userfriendly, Tradingview is bringing the user experience to another level in terms of chart instruments and flexibility in moving both in price and time action.

Then Trading 212 has a really cool feauture for the candelsticks pattern indicator and very nice pannel for news and analysis.

Trading 212 and tradingveiew combined would be really a great deal.

Best regards

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I second this. I think improving the trading 212 platform and charts is essential for attracting new traders.
For real professional traders priority should probably be on supporting integration with more advanced trading platforms. I think opening the API would bring a whole new profile of traders interested into using trading 212.